Orgasm is arguably the most intensely satisfying human experience. For some of us, it is as close to religious awe as we will ever get. It is no mistake that many of us in the throes of orgasm cry out divine phrases like “Oh, my God.” Yet the true esoteric function of orgasm, beyond mere physical pleasure, has rarely been discussed. To provide some structure to the complexity and diversity of our orgasmic potential, it should be noted that there are essentially two different types of orgasm, but only one kind is commonly experienced. It’s the one that Masters and Johnson defined in the clinical context as “the sudden discharge of accumulated sexual tension resulting in rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region characterized by an intense sensation of pleasure.”

Virtually all men and many women are familiar with this type of orgasm. In fact, for a vast majority of sexually active people, it is the only kind of orgasm that they are aware of. It’s the typical ejaculation-orgasm that men experience over and over again that is characterized by an explosive genital release followed by a loss of vital life-force energy. Many women know it as the type of orgasm where you build sexual tension to the point-of-no-return, and then release it quickly and uncontrollably in a moment of peak pleasure.

However, there is another type of orgasm that is far superior to the “explosive” type mentioned above. Unfortunately, it is seldom experienced in conventional sex because male ejaculation invariably short-circuits the process. It requires the participants to forego the typically explosive genital release in favor of a more controlled experience that quite frankly requires a greater sexual skill set. In this type of orgasm, sexual energy is allowed to build, but not to the point where it is allowed to spill over into a discharge. The sexual energy is then redirected upward away from the genitals, toward the solar plexus, heart, throat and head rather than released. In other words, the sexual energy is redirected up and in the body rather than out. The raising of sexual energy in this way results in a much more powerful and enduring orgasm that creates extraordinary sensation and ecstatic pleasure, not just in the genitals and pelvic area as the explosive type of orgasm does, but throughout the entire body. Every cell in the body becomes orgasmic to the point where many people experience a perceptual reality shift with mystical overtones. We call this full-body experience an “implosive” orgasm.

As you might imagine, explosive and implosive orgasms differ in their results. When sexual energy is simply released in a burst, the result is a reduction in sexual tension, interest and consciousness. Yes, this kind of release can be quite relaxing and even sleep inducing (a sure sign of energy loss), but that is the extent of it. No matter how intense the explosive orgasm is, it can never be deeply fulfilling simply because it does not involve the whole body. However, when sexual energy is controlled and channeled properly, one’s energy and consciousness is increased, new delicious sensations become available, and intimacy with your partner can be greatly enhanced. This type of implosive orgasm leaves you energetically engorged rather than sexually depleted. This is the type of extended sexual orgasm that becomes a gateway to the spiritual dimension through the transformational power of extended orgasm. By avoiding a genital release, the sexual energy is allowed to ascend ultimately reaching the brain where the spiritual faculties reside, and where consciousness is transformed.

We’ve all heard that sex begins in the brain ----- true enough ----- but while the typical explosive orgasm ends at the genitals, the implosive orgasm returns the rejuvenating orgasmic energy back to its source ----- the master glands in the brain. This is the actual recycling step that is the key to spiritual illumination. In tantric circles it is known as “raising tantric energy.” It fulfills the primary concerns of all the great traditions of sacred sexuality by targeting the spiritual faculties in the brain with orgasmic energy thus fueling the expansion of consciousness.

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