The Real Scientific Reason No One 'Likes' Your Facebook Posts

Here's a point of view you are NEVER going to guess!

The Scientific Reason People Don't Like Your Facebook Posts Getty 

You post — and then you wait.

Then it comes … that dreaded silence on Facebook.

As you feared, NO ONE liked what you published. You scramble to pull it off of your timeline. Just feels safer that way.

But it leaves you worrying about their reactions.

Why didn’t they like it? How bad could it be? YOU liked THEIR camping pictures, and even that “stupid dog tricks” video.

So how do you decide what to put out there? How can you know what people will like, as well as what they won’t?


Here's a point of view you've probably never thought of.

There are four general layers of consciousness behind the reasons people do — and do not — “like" Facebook posts. 

1. Personal-Physical Consciousness.

In this layer, which is the most common, people are most interested in things that are physical. Especially physical things about themselves.

Examples of posts they "like": Bodily noises. Potty humor. Getting high. How to look good. How to enjoy dome-blowing orgasms. Getting through menopause. Aging. Healthy foods. Exercise.  Staying safe.

2. Emotional-Relational Consciousness.


As people evolve their consciousness, they start to focus more on emotional feelings and relationships.

Examples of posts they "like": Pleasure vs. pain. Desires vs. stressors. Emotional stability and well-being. Reality TV and celebrity gossip. How to date a "hottie." Attracting the right man or life partner. Planning a wedding. Getting pregnant. Surviving parenting. Avoiding divorce. Finding happiness.

3. Intellectual-Mental Consciousness.

People in this layer tend to be “thinkers” more than “feelers." They crave the sense of personal power and independent achievement. They seek out ideas and learning.

Examples of posts they "like": How to crush the competition. Earning that first million before turning 45. Latest in sales trends. Successful entrepreneurship. Topping the corporate tower. Scientific or technical developments. New ideas and inventions. NPR. Political debates.


4. Integrated-Collective Consciousness.

This is the minority group, and so by definition, the least common or popular. People in this layer may be attracted to things that are “spiritual," though not necessarily religious.

They aspire toward spiritual growth, subtle energy perception, the evolution of human consciousness, awakening into “oneness,” and conscious creating for the betterment of us all. They tend to synthesize the healthiest aspects of all the other layers into an integrated sense of a “whole” and “collective” self.

Examples of posts they "like": Out-of-the-box, original thought. Collaborative creativity. Paradigm shifts. Conscious capitalism. Building interdependent and responsible communities.


Posts that relate to this last level of consciousness may even be genius, yet get the least "likes," depending on your circle of followers.

Now that you see that what people “like” tends to say more about where they are on a given day, than about how they feel about you, it’s time to decide what you’re going to post starting tomorrow.

The way I see it, you have 3 choices.

You could publish only what you are sure will be popular with your current group of followers from now on.


You could stop posting anything at all.

Or, you could take a risk and show people who YOU are.  

Which you can only achieve once you quit judging others’ reactions as a measure of your own amazingness.

Valerie Varan, MS, LPC, NCC is a licensed professional counselor practicing holistically in the Denver area of Colorado. She is also the author of Living in a Quantum Reality: Using Quantum Physics and Psychology to Embrace Your Higher Consciousness. For more information, check out her website at and follow her on Facebook.