Masturbation In The Library

Books only! No masturbation please, that's how I like my library.


I heard recently that our local librarian had to remind a patron that masturbation was not allowed in the library. Doesn’t that go without saying?! Libraries are wank free zones. It brought up a memory from high school when I was doing research on the artist Paul Gauguin, a Post Impressionist painter who was inspired by Peruvian women, culture and landscape.

Of course our high school library had no information on this artist, therefore it lead me to the Ball State University library to complete my research. After discovering the location of the Gauguin books, I wandered to the correct aisle. To my surprise, a couple was engaged in missionary position intercourse on the floor. They looked up a me, grinned and continued. You may ask...what did I do?


Well, I went to the next row, created a space between the books and watched. They were fully dressed with the exception of their pants just below their bums. Seeing this all at the uber mature age of 16. Say Voyeur—I guess. It was more curiosity and shock. I waited for the couple to finish, and returned to the required aisle to grab my intended books. In my naivety, I even informed my mother to her wide eyed horror. That was one hell of a research experience. It did not make me a fan of Gauguin, or the Ball State library; it only created a surprising adolescent experience.

A few years back, library masturbation was a persistent problem by one individual in particular at Tufts University. According to the Tufts Daily paper, "The Tufts police talked to the man and determined that he did not know that his behavior was offensive," Deuerlein said. "They thought that he might have a medical condition. They asked him to leave the building and find another place because there had been a complaint."


Just yesterday an Iowa City man was caught masturbating in the Children’s Section while sitting near two teenage girls. "Police said 49-year-old Rodriguez admitted to being in the children’s section and scratching his groin area, which caused him to become aroused and masturbate. Rodriguez faces a single count of indecent exposure."

As a masturbation advocate, lets remember privacy and respect for others are key. Use the imagery you may see in public, put it in your erotic mind file, and take it back home with you. The library will remain a masturbation free zone. Enjoy your wanking. Just make it private.

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