Lost The Spark? 6 Ways To Make Him Want You Again


When the newness of a committed relationship wears off, we often get stuck in monotony. Couples often find that they go to the same restaurants, the same movie theater, the same park, the same bowling alley, the same family trips every year and even have the same robotic sex in the bedroom. Eventually, you both grow tired and bored in your relationship; you slowly drift apart and may even get divorced.

But your relationship doesn't have to be another statistic! If you love your man and you want him to want you again, there is hope. You can reignite the passion in your relationship today by incorporating these ideas into your daily routine:

  1. Change It Up: Unless you're a robot, no one enjoys the same thing over and over again. You can regain his attention by making a small physical change that will make him notice you. For example, change your hair color, go from flats to heels, wear a low-cut dress to dinner, get a Brazilian wax, switch from granny panties to thongs, wear red lipstick. Do something totally out of the ordinary.
  2. Become the Mystery Woman: It's not necessary that you share with him every single little detail of your day at the office or at home with the kids. Tell him what you think he needs to know and leave the rest a mystery. Once he realizes he is "out of the loop," he will be asking more questions and wanting to check in more often.
  3. Surprise Him: Do something sweet and out of the blue, like have his car professionally detailed, surprise him with tickets to his favorite game or concert or make and serve his favorite dessert. The more thought, time, effort and creativity you put into his surprise will pay off later and you may just get a surprise of your own in return.
  4. Treat Him as You Want to be Treated: Think about whatever makes you feel nurtured and cared for. If you would appreciate a back massage, a hot bath, having your laundry folded, having dinner ready when you get home, then do it for him. He will soon get the idea and return the favor.
  5. Get Your Sexy On: Anticipation and passion go hand in hand. If you are ready to get it on with your man, give him a hint by sexting him. There is nothing more erotic than to receive a "sext" message from your lover in the middle of the workday. Even something as vanilla as "Thinking about you all day and can't wait to kiss your sweet lips" will do the trick! Your text can be as sexy as you dare. If you want to take it one step further, send the kids to grandma's and meet him at the door wearing only an apron or one of his dress shirts and heels.
  6. Get Creative in the Bedroom: No one desires predictable sex. Most guys would love to experience something new, but they fear failure or "taking it too far" in the bedroom. You can excite him by introducing a new toy, a flavored or heated lubricant, a scented soy massage candle or any other new and creative idea. For the ultimate sensual and sexual experience, get his permission to blindfold him and tie him up and take total advantage of him and tempt all of his senses.

Long-term, committed relationships don't have to be boring. You can reignite passion and get the love, romance and physical attention that you need by tweaking your daily repertoire.

Lora Lucinda Andersen, The Sexy Wife Coach™, coaches women and couples all over the United States to create a Sexy Life™. Go to www.sexywifecoach.com for more information about coaching with Lora and to register for her upcoming women's empowerment and couples retreats.