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Overcoming Tragedy: The Death Of Your Child

Overcoming Tragedy: The Death Of Your Child

When we hear tragic news stories, we can't help but picture ourselves and our loved ones placed at the center of such events. The deaths of Audrey Pott in California, Rehtaeh Parsons in Nova Scotia and 8-year-old Martin Richard have broken hearts around the world — not to mention the hearts of their parents who are left behind.

Audrey Pott, Rehtaeh Parsons, Martin Richard from the Boston Marathon bombing and others like them should not have their lives reduced to the headlines surrounding their tragic deaths. No one understands this more than their families. These families struggle to preserve their child's memories outside of the spotlight. They don't want the lives summed up and remembered solely by acts of violence. These same parents are the ones that often have to make tough decisions at a time when their hearts are hurting the most and their brains are wracked with answerless questions: "Why did this happen? How could we have done things differently? Could I have prevented his/her death?"

Leading up to this point, you have felt the pain of your child and have often felt helpless in the face of what was going on. You may want to hold on, keeping hope for the life that is no longer there. As a parent, you should not have to face the possibility that you will see the end of your child's life ... but what if you do? Keep reading ...

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