How You Can Learn To Love Yourself

Are you longing for something more?

How You Can Learn To Love Yourself [EXPERT]

Whether we're single or in relationship, there never seems to be a happy medium. Also, when it comes to sex, we often find ourselves longing for something more, something deeper where we feel connected, enriched ... or maybe even to try something new and different. But how can we do that without compromising ourselves, our relationships and our personal integrity?

In 1984, a former Jesuit in the San Francisco Bay Area was working with a cohort of men who had what was called "The Gay Plague." This was before we knew what HIV and AIDS were, but it was known that this plague was sexually transmitted, so they couldn't have sex. These men felt alone, isolated from society, ostracized and were self-loathing. This man, Joseph Kramer, said "This is wrong!" and created a workshop called Celebrating the Body Erotic.


In 1995, I did this workshop and it ran over a weekend. It included breath-work and bonding in small and large groups. It included massage and discovering the potential of eros with hands-on instruction. At all times it maintained safe boundaries. It stretched me in ways I never expected but I found it invigorating and abandoned some of the shame I had held for so many years.

The goal of the workshop was to find a place in our hearts where we could discover, maybe for the first time, love for ourselves. It was a great place to begin my journey. I found the work magical and transforming. I found a way to connect with myself and with others in a deeper way than I had ever experienced. I made peace with myself and discovered a new strength to assist me when I returned home.


Demand for the work has grown over the years and The Body Electric School was born. Additional workshops were created for men, women, couples and, more recently, even transgendered individuals. The curriculum now ranges from the original workshop to extended week-long programs held at retreat centers around the country.

Since 1995, I have done a number of these programs including a week-long summer camp for men called Dear Love of Comrades, tantra and even mixed men and women programs that have a different and beautiful energy. I have grown in my own quest for a balanced and happy life and growing in ways I never expected. 3 Ways To Attract Your Mate Through Self Love

Learning to love one's self is critical to happy relationships and satisfying intimacy. I'm still single but have learned ways to self-satisfy and feel better prepared for the future, whatever it may bring. The Way to True Love is Through Self Love

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