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Your thoughts have power....the words you use to describe what's happening impacts your life....choose your words wisely!

About Teresa Brenke

My name is Teresa and I am a life coach, speaker, nutrition/fitness expert and behavior modification specialist. 

I started my business in Feb, 1992 and was given an amazing opportunity to work with approximately 500,000 children, 10,000 adults and 2000 business' throughout these years. This gives me great insight on many different types of personalities, perspectives, leadership styles, and business settings and providing a multitude of life coaching services including, Energy/Nutrition Assessments, Training Workshops, Online Nutrition Programs, and One-on-One Coaching.

I help people learn how to embrace change NOT by focusing on the action or policy to temporarily guide them, but by asking key questions to allow them to easily see what is holding them back. I believe our 60,000 thoughts we have each day have power. We only speak 10,000 of those thoughts and the other 50,000 influence how we feel and what action or NO action we take in our life. We want you to become aware of your thoughts so creating any thing in your life and handling "stress" becomes as easy and habitual as getting dressed or brushing your teeth everyday.

Together we discover what works for your lifestyle so healthy change is an everyday way of being. You see, your body does everything in its power to stay balanced as long as you give it nutrients and movement. Diets limit us and are emotionally exhausting. I believe in a phase-in approach over time works best, especially in the busy world we live in. How can we realistically eat the foods best for my body and lifestyle? Most importantly, I believe the root of change comes from understanding how to stop our behavior and destructive patterns keeping us from succeeding. We phase-in healthier food, fitness and behavioral alternatives over time to make this an easy lifestyle change for you, to ensure a lasting change. 


Teresa Brenke Success Stories

Pam Davies

Women dealing with weight issues

It’s hard to describe the power of the transformation I experienced in a short amount of time working with Teresa.  Through her mindfulness coaching methods, I recognized the habitual and unhelpful thought patterns that led me to feelings and behaviors that were limiting my potential. Today I don’t even recognize the person I used to be and have learned to design the best possible life through my choices, knowing I deserve to be happy. Teresa has a rare combination of expertise in behavior modification, life coaching, fitness and health consulting, all of which made her an extraordinary partner on my life journey.more


Pam D Business Owner

Tim Matthews

Men dealing with weight issues

Teresa has been instrumental in the success I’ve experienced with my health and my business. Teresa has been my coach for over 3 years and in this time, I’ve depended on her to excel at meeting my goals, call BS on me when she knows I can do better, and holds me accountable.”more


Rebecca Hoffman

Women dealing with weight issues

Teresa has greatly impacted not only my weight loss journey but she also opened my eyes  to the excuses I made to myself. She made me look at my values and beliefs and the lies I was telling myself and then helped me with behavior modifications and goal setting. I have gone from an extremely overweight, inactive and depressed person to a joyful, daily exerciser who has lost 92 lbs and loves life! Thank you Teresa!

Kim Marie Ross

Women dealing with weight issues

I have worked with Teresa in some capacity with my business 3X3FIT for several years.  I have also gotten behind her programs and promoted them through my business.  I believe in her.  I am most impressed with Teresa's hunger to always learn more in ways with huge beneficial impacts to her clients.   She is well-educated and most of all passionate about helping others.  You are in good hands with Teresa Brenke.more



Ryan Polling

Men dealing with weight issues

Starting this journey with reclaiming my health in a sustainable way was very daunting. I was successful at losing a lot of weight before, but it always seemed to find it's way back on! I knew I had to try something different, and as fate would have it, I found Teresa through a new friends suggestion. I had to put my faith in her and trust her process. I knew that, and it’s paying off big time. After 3 months of working with Teresa I have lost 25lbs. And I am still losing weight. more

Her simple, easy, and knowledgable approach has made it the most effortless weight loss of my life. I have only changed my diet and it doesn't even feel like I'm sacrificing anything. No additional exercise necessary! I have to thank her for her powerful insights on the thoughts I used to have around food, and I will continue to uncover more as this process continues. 


Thanks Teresa!


Idman Ahmednur

Women dealing with weight issues

Teresa guided me through my weight loss journey through one on one personalized nutrition coaching. Teresa has a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and expertise in nutrition and coaching. Her professionalism and vast knowledge in this field makes her a person you want to work with.more

I worked with Teresa before and after pregnancy. Before I was pregnant, she made sure I no longer craved for sugar and caffeine and walked 10k steps a day. During my pregnancy, she adjusted the program to fit my needs. Because of the changes I made with my eating habits, I no longer had gestational diabetes during my pregnancy; all thanks to her guidance and support. During my journey, one of the important things I discovered was I had food sensitivity I was never aware of. Teresa helped me understand the effects different foods had on my body which encouraged me to live a healthier lifestyle.

The one trait I admire the most about Teresa is that she will hold you accountable and will not let you quit. She is relentless and puts her all into accomplishing her clients goal. I am glad I made permanent lifestyle changes. Thank you, Teresa!


Mary Lee

Women dealing with weight issues

"Teresa helped coach me on some of my fitness and eating habits.  She helped me identify that it was fear of not being good enough keeping me from succeeding with my health. Instead of coming from a place of my own fears, interpretations, and assumptions, I now approach my relationships in a curious way, wanting to know what is truly motivating me.  As a result, I lost 35 pounds and have kept it off for over 2 years!more



Judy Madera

Women dealing with weight issues

Teresa is an amazing coach and teacher. I feel so healthy and fit after following her guidelines on healthy eating and fitness. I always want to learn more from her! Forever grateful for her wisdom as I journey on with my new lifestyle of feeling great!more


Jean Steele

I have 16 years I have known Teresa she has proven to be an asset to our school. She has shown to be reliable, trustworthy, and have an excellent work ethic which is a reflection of her abilities and hard work. Her knowledge of Health, Fitness and Education is outstanding!more


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