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A quote from the Dalai Lama says it best~ "The enemy is your greatest teacher."

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Women Who Attract Toxic Love & Mr. Wrong Need a Recovery Strategy 

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Relational Harm Prevention & Recovery Programs

By inspecting the details of your love and money patterns, you can start over completely after bad love~and never attract it again.  My programs are specifically designed to give women the advantage after a destructive partner, whether you were briefly boyfriend / girlfriend, or married for years.  When you want to stop the pain and drama and get on the fast track to refining your love life after a break up~you also need to ensure you avoid a repeat of the past.  You are going to need a strategy that works to slow you down naturally, and due to your special circumstances of having been in a toxic, chaotic love, you need someone to help you move in a different direction so you recover fully and never go through it again.  


A break up from a toxic partner or relationship is different than a break up or divorce from a "normal" relationship that simply ran it's course.   

I can help you regain your balance so you protect yourself going forward and stop yourself from going back, if you don't want to, so your break up or divorce won't end up being another place where you get harmed.  When your spirit has been lost or broken from a damaging or draining relationship that others just don't understand no matter what you tell them, you need special understanding and support; it's time for you to get different information.  

I can help you shortcut the pain and recovery time, attract men with better character who are safe and respectful while gaining more confidence, self-trust, and I'll show you a step by step process for self protection when dating, all without changing one damn thing about yourself!

It's time to get all the good that is waiting for you.

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