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Nigella Lawson Teaches Abused Women A Lesson In Moving On

Nigella Lawson Teaches Abused Women A Lesson In Moving On

If you try to assert yourself or stand your ground with a destructive partner, prepare for the backlash. Destructive and abusive men punish women who say, "no."

Nigella Lawson is experiencing this right now. When her husband of 10 years, Charles Saatchi, 71, was photographed grabbing her by the neck and prodding her nose during an argument at a swanky London restaurant recently, he admitted to assault but described the incident as a "playful tiff." Other pictures of Saatchi covering Nigella's mouth at the same restaurant in December of 2012 have since surfaced.

By diminishing his behavior, Saatchi highlights the impulsive public violence that exposed him to be the repulsive man he is, yet he has almost trumped his behavior with calculated actions in the aftermath. He boldly lacks remorse and empathy, coldly punishing Nigella for refusing to accept his attempts at contact and for saying no to his outrageous demands that she publicly defend his violent and abusive actions. Nigella has wisely refused to defend her husband and he is on the attack, blaming her and announcing to the press that he has filed for divorce and is disappointed in her for not speaking up in his defense. 

The divorce announcement and an article about the couple, printed in Britain's Mail on Sunday, reveals very telling characteristics of a deeply troubled and dangerous man. Read with a critical eye and you will spot the toxic traits of a psychopath. Comments from a "friend of the couple" further suggest this may be so. The friend stated "Charles and Nigella have always been very physical and demonstrative. He adores her while her love for him was like an addiction."

Relationships with psychopaths and destructive men start with high physicality and an intensity deeper than other (normal) relationships. This creates an addiction-like bond for the victim. Destructive, abusive, psychopathic men are not always murders, as we like to believe and falling for a social predator is more common than you think — which is why women must start learning more about this subject. Keep reading...

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