5 Things George Clooney Can Teach You About Finding True Love

Do you always find yourself dating the same person but with a different name?

Love: What George Clooney Can Teach You About Finding True Love

Over the weekend it came out that George Clooney, the most confirmed bachelor, put a ring on it. So, how can it be that George, who was never going to get married again, suddenly decided he wants to spend the rest of his life with his beautiful lady friend, Amal Alamuddin? Could it be he is having a midlife crisis? Perhaps he was on the rebound from Stacey and her recent marriage? Don't think so! More like Stacey Keibler and Elizabeth Canalis are feeling the sting, like every other woman who experiences a break up from a guy that wouldn't commit only to watch him turn around and see him get engaged. Ouch! It's like, what does Amal have that the rest didn’t?


For those of you wondering how this happened, there are a few thoughts that come to mind. George, like most of us, appeared to have a type. They were all beautiful models, waitresses, and actresses mostly at his beckon call. What changed is he met his match in a skirt and found a challenge. The status quo was changed. He met a woman that wasn't afraid to hold her own and is just as interesting as he is.

What lessons can men and women take away for your own dating life & happiness?

1) Date Outside Your Type
Do realize that while you might have a type, you could be just as attracted to any number of people out there. Don't go for vanilla all the time because there are other exciting flavors out there. George is a smart man, and this woman appealed to him intellectually, as well as physically, since she is also very feminine. Both sexes are equally guilty of wanting to date the same person over and over but it is to your benefit to try something different. Seeking out a dating coach or matchmaker can help you get past this. 


2) Don't Be Afraid To Set Your Terms
There is no reason to think that you can't state what you want in a relationship and walk if you don't get it. If the relationship is lopsided and one person is always in control, it's hard to state your needs and non-negotiables and also find long-lasting happiness. 

3) Get A Life
Do make sure to always have your own thing going on in your life. It shows that you are a smart, independent woman. It makes you vibrant, exciting, and gives you something to talk about that's interesting. You add value and passion to the relationship, and bring something to the table. Who wouldn't want that? 

4) Don't Be Helpless
Or dependent on your boyfriend. It's not a very attractive quality. It appears George helped a number of women along the way with his connections. This sets him up to have the power in a relationship, and that's not really a relationship. No one should have all of the power. 

5) Women Are More Than Just Looks
Lastly, for the guys out there …. Women are valued for things other than their looks and bra size. Maybe you guys should realize there is more to a woman than her looks, so look beyond the superficial to find true love and happiness. You'll ultimately thank yourself in the long run! 


If George Clooney can teach us anything is that the tides shift and that you can fall in love at any moment. Use these tips to get out of your comfort zone and you too have a better shot at finding true love. 

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