14 Things For Couples To Do When You're Bored At Home (That Can Actually Save Your Marriage)

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14 Couples'Activities & Things To Do When You're Bored At Home (That Can Actually Save Your Marriage)

You don't need to go out in order to strengthen your bond and fun.

While the stability of a long-term romantic relationship or marriage feels amazing, taking it for granted could be a big mistake that might cost you dearly.

Rather than letting your relationship start to crumble, finding things to do at home when you're bored can help you learn how to save your marriage and fall even more deeply in love.

I realized this when I was home alone the other night and a strong storm knocked out the power. When the worst of it had passed, I was struck by the deafening quiet.

The house was quiet, the neighborhood was quiet and save occasional lightning, it was dark.

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I've been home alone many times, so it doesn't make me nervous. It was more of a realization as to how little time I actually spend alone — truly alone. No TV, no internet, no noise, and no distractions.

I forced myself to confront my solitude, settled into the quiet and meditated. Twenty minutes into the blackout, I felt smug that I had managed to overcome my addiction to distraction.

OK, I thought, that was a nice meditation. I'm ready for the power to come back on now. I'm good at being alone.

Nope. Still no power.

Then, I realized that it wasn't the power or distractions I was missing — I was really missing my husband.

We are one of those touchy-feely type couples, and we like and love each other very much. But he was nowhere around and, even though I knew it was only for a few hours, I felt even more lonely.

I remembered a time the power went out a few years ago, and we grabbed a deck of cards and played Rummy by candlelight. I couldn't say when we had last played cards, because I had rejected several invitations from him to play over the last few years. Apparently, I was "too busy".

Too busy!? What was wrong with me?

When couples first get together, they are practically consumed by the other's presence.

Physically, you can't get enough of each other. Emotionally, you're consumed by each other. Nothing distracts you from being together. And it feels good.

So good that you and your now-spouse decided to take your relationship to the next level of commitment. You got married or moved in together and made a life of blissful togetherness.

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Then, life happened. Your career demanded your attention; your children consumed your energy.

You started taking one another, and the relationship, for granted.

That can be a major mistake, leaving one or both of you feeling neglected and not getting your needs met. No one likes to be last on the priority list and, when either partner feels that way, it can lead to an unhappy marriage, infidelity or divorce.

Rather than allowing a potentially broken relationship to fall apart completely, here are 14 things to do at home as a couple that can save your marriage — starting right now.

  1. Take time to be alone together. No kids, no friends, and no distractions. Turn off your phones.
  2. Clear your schedule and spend time being intimate. Hang out in bed for the day and renew your pair bonding!
  3. Light candles and snuggle.
  4. Reenact your first date or first time being intimate.
  5. Cook dinner together.
  6. Tell him how much you appreciate him in specific ways. Say something like, "Thank you for taking care of ..."
  7. Have dinner at the dining room table. Eat together with no phones, no TV, and no other distractions. Talk about things. Get to know one another again.
  8. Pick a game he likes and play it with him, just the two of you.
  9. Turn "do not disturb" on your phone. Ignore texts, notifications and calls while you have a date night.
  10. Be present for HIM, not everyone else vying for your time and attention.
  11. Tell him you love him and why. Everyone loves to hear how wonderful they are!
  12. Let him know you need him. For more than taking out the garbage.
  13. Make him your priority, even if it's just for tonight. What could be sexier than knowing they are number one in your life?
  14. Tell him you love him and why — yes, again.

Stable, loving relationships must be built and then nurtured.

Nothing stands the test of time without some maintenance and repair, so don't wait until relationship issues become deal-breakers before you start learning how to save your marriage.

Remember what brought you together and nurture that spark regularly, no matter what stage you are in your relationship. Let him know how important he is to you and don't take him or the relationship for granted.

Your marriage will thrive, as a result.

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Susan K. Edwards, L.S.H., is an author, Reiki Master and Energy Healer. Her work centers around reminding people that it's, "All About Love!" She and her husband own Wildhair Studios’ Rock Shop in historic downtown Paducah. Her books include "Smudging: Clear Negative Energy From Your Home & Life" and her latest romance novel, "Surrender."