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How To Boost Your Libido With This Tasty Salad Topping (Plus More Foods & Exercises That Increase Sex Drive)

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How To Have Great Sex & Increase Libido With Exercise, Aphrodisiacs & The Best Apple Cider Vinegar Salad Dressing Recipe

Your sexuality is either impacted or supported by the quality of your physical health. So, the amount of exercise you get combined with what you eat and drink makes a serious difference when it comes to improving your sex life and maintaining (or increasing!) sex drive in both men and women.

If you want to know how to have great sex and take your love making up several notches on your bedpost, the best advice is to take extra good care of your body.

To increase your libido, start by committing to do some sort of exercise each day.

If your occupation requires sitting at a desk, making sure you stand up at least 25 times throughout the day will get your blood flowing.

Exercise has been proven to increase sex drive and improve sexual function in both men and woman.

As explained in Shape Magazine:

"First, if you're exercising regularly, you'll be feeling better, looking better, and have an all-around better body image ... Second, exercise increases blood flow both short- and long-term to your sexual organs (and the rest of your body), as well as increases lubrication. Third, exercise is the best way to slash stress — which is the number one libido killer for women."

Aside from exercise, foods that work as aphrodisiacs can help you kick a low sex drive into gear.

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After all, what you eat is of the utmost importance when it comes to staying healthy. A diet full of quality proteins and lots of organic vegetables is the foundation of good health.

If you want to know how to have truly great sex, making two specific adjustments to your diet can increase your sex quickly.

1. Reduce your sugar intake

Minimize the amount of sugar you take in. For many people, this usually comes in the form of alcohol and grains.

Sugar can also be found hiding in unexpected places like sauces and dressings, so make sure to read the labels on your groceries if you want to fend off ingredients that might lower your libido.

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2. Increase your intake of both probiotics and prebiotics

You've probably heard by now that probiotics found in yogurt and other fermented foods can help maintain healthy gut bacteria.

If you eat a lot of sugar and alcohol, you are feeding the "bad" yeasts and bacteria in your body. So, cutting down on sugar and taking a probiotic supplement can help improve your ratio of good to bad gut bacteria.

You can also feed the good gut bacteria with prebiotics, which are insoluble fibers that the good bacteria feed on. They can be found in various foods and can increase your good gut bacteria, overall health, and libido.

One of the best sources of prebiotics is apple cider vinegar.

The health benefits of apple cider vinegar are plenty, so adding some to your salad is a great start on the road to excellent health and a far better sex life.

I often eat fresh salads with lean protein for meals, and due to all of that hidden sugar mentioned above, I typically make my own salad dressings.

Here is an easy-to-make recipe for apple cider vinegar salad dressing.

It will last for weeks in your fridge, help boost your sex drive, and make your salads taste great!

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1 cup oil (I recommend avocado or olive oil)
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar (get the raw, unfiltered kind that has the yeast "mother" in it)
1 shallot chopped fine
1 clove garlic
1-2 tbsp dijon mustard (the French brands do not have sugar in them)
1 tbsp dried Savory (this is an herb)
Celtic or Himalayan salt and ground peppercorns to taste


You can put all the ingredients in a jar and shake it up. That's it!

Note that the above recipe can be doubled or even tripled.

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To make your salad dressing sweet:

If you currently consume a lot of sugar and this dressing isn't sweet enough for you, you can add a little bit of raw, local honey. But please, please, please try to wean yourself off sugar because it can be damaging to both your health and your sex life.

To make your salad dressing creamy:

If you want to make your fresh, healthy salad dressing creamy, you can add a couple tablespoons of mayonnaise. I don't recommend using traditional brands of mayo because they are made from oils that come from GMO crops. Try to find a non-GMO brand of mayo instead.

Alternately, you can use organic, non-rBST, plain, full-fat thick yogurt or buttermilk to make the dressing creamy.

I usually make a big batch of the dressing plain, then take part of it and add non-GMO mayo made from sunflower oil.

To make your salad dressing "fresh breath friendly":

I also like to chop parsley and add it into the dressing. The parsley tempers the fresh raw garlic so you don't get stinky breath.

Here are pictures of my dressing prep. You can see the plain and creamy versions I made and stored in reusable jars from foods I've consumed earlier.

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Feel free to pour this dressing over your salads liberally.

The avocado oil fat is excellent for your heart and brain.

The apple cider vinegar is a probiotic, as are the shallots and garlic.

If you add dandelion greens to your lettuce and include jicama in your salad, you'll get two additional probiotics in your meal.

And if you eat some kimchi or sauerkraut and drink some kombucha a couple times a week, you'll be feeding even more of the good gut bacteria.

However, watch out for the amount of sugar used in the preparation of any kombucha you drink.

Kombucha is a fermented, fizzy, sweet and sour drink made with tea that many people drink as a replacement for soda.

However, many manufacturers add sugar to their kombucha. Try to find one with 2g of sugar or less per serving.

Taking care of your health through exercise and diet can significantly boost libido in men and women.

By adding in some aphrodisiac foods, you can increase your sex drive, feel better than ever, and learn how to have great sex once again!

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