5 Ways To Boost Your Sex Drive Naturally (No Dodgy 'Supplements' Required)

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How To Boost Your Sex Drive Naturally

Have you lost that loving feeling? Are you finding that you just don’t have it in you to respond to your partner’s advances, let alone start something fun? Do you want to boost your sex drive naturally?

You are not alone. Hormonal shifts and changes have huge impacts on a woman’s libido. And I don’t know about you, but I want to keep my sex drive.

Sex is both a head and body game. Ideally, both have to be in it for sex to be satisfying. I’m going to break this article down into two sections: things you can do and homeopathic remedies you can take.

First, what’s a woman to do?

Keep an open mind about some of these suggestions on how to increase your sex drive. Do any resonate enough with you that you’d like to try them out?

1. Meditate 

I know this one may seem a bit odd. Why meditate if you are trying to boost your sex drive?

The Centre for Sexual Medicine at the University of British Columbia asked this question in one of their studies about women and libido. They determined that focus was necessary for sexual desire and satisfaction.

Bringing yourself back to each moment in meditation is a skill that transfers over to sex. Simply put, it brings you back into the moment.

2. Breathe

Deeply. Bring your breath into your chest and lungs, and then all the way down to your belly. Let that breath out slowly, then breathe in again. Bring that breath down to your pelvic floor, and into your yoni (sanskrit for vagina, vulva, or womb).

Notice the sensations in your body as you breathe. Any tingling happening? Breathe in again. Keep your breath slow. Focus on sensations. Focus on and milk the yummy ones.

3. Practice your Kegels

Besides doing something good for your body and your pelvic floor, Kegels also bring your attention to your pelvic floor. I know that’s a bit of a "duh". But again, it’s about focus, attention and sensation.

What does it feel like to clench your PC muscle? Doing 10 of these three times a day will keep the focus on your vagina and its pleasure potential.

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4. Exercise 

As we age, our testosterone levels decrease, and besides decreasing muscle mass it also decreases sensitivity in our vaginas and clits. Exercise counters this by boosting testosterone in the body and therefore our libidos.

Good choices include yoga because it can also alleviate anxiety and depression, libido downers, as well as weightlifting.

5. Homeopathic remedies

Here are some natural homeopathic remedies that can also help:

  • Damiana: Botanical name Tumera Aphrodisiaca. This remedy is said to "invigorate the system". Its botanical name suggests a strong use in boosting sex drive. It may also be useful for painful periods, irregular periods and discharges between periods. My suggestion would be to take 1 dose of a 30C potency one time a week for 3-5 doses and see what you notice.
  • Sepia: Ink juice of the Cuttlefish. I’ve talked about this remedy before in other articles. I love this remedy for women, in general. And when it’s a good fit, it is amazing! Sepia helps women who are worn out from childrearing, working hard, and not getting enough sleep. Generally, they don’t want to be touched when in this state. If this is you and your sex drive is out the window, give Sepia a try.
  • Natrum Muriaticum: Basically this remedy is Salt. This remedy is in my homeopathic lubricating gel for women. Think about salt in your body. It retains water and holds on to it. Energetically and emotionally Nat. Mur. speaks to grief in the body. All those tears you have cried, and all those you have not, and cannot. Women are the salt of the earth. We hold so many emotions, so much pain. How much unrequited love have you not yet let go of? This can hinder our sex drive. Take this remedy if these deep emotions are what hold you back from satisfaction.
  • Ignatia: Another grief remedy. Ignatia comes from the St. Ignatius Bean, a plant in the Loganiaceae family. Women needing this remedy are highly sensitive and likely nervous. Are you sighing, and moody? Weepy? The sensitivity and grief of the woman needing this remedy can interfere with her being intimate. She’s mostly very introspective and shut down.
  • Agnus Castus: The Chaste Tree. We need only look at the name and see it’s affinity. Useful for lower sexual vitality, especially if also feeling somewhat depressed and depleted.

A good place to start with any of these remedies is to find a 12C or a 30C of the remedy and try it. Once a day for 3-5 days or once a week for 3-5 weeks.

A Homeopathic remedy is different from herbal tinctures and teas. They are diluted to an infinitesimal amount which means that it’s an energetic dose of the remedy, kind of like Emoto’s water experiments.

Of course, there are many remedies that boost your sex drive. Talking with a homeopathic practitioner can help you sort out what remedy might be best for you.

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Michele Brookhaus, RSHom(NA), CCH is a classical Homeopath in practice for 20 years. She created Yoni Bliss, a homeopathic lubricating gel for women desiring to find their pleasure and boost their sex drive again.

This article was originally published at Yoni Bliss. Reprinted with permission from the author.