How To Give Her The Best Clitoral Erection Of Her LIFE

For the deepest, most satisfying orgasms she's ever had.

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Here is a fundamental sex tip that creates a massive shift in your ability to give and receive pleasure instantly!

A clitoral erection gives a woman the highest ability to be multi-orgasmic. When you get her whole clitoral structure swollen and erect, she orgasms more easily and with more pleasure

How to give her an amazing clitoral hard-on:

Did you know a woman’s clitoris gets erect in much the same way as a man’s penis?


That’s right. The clitoris is the female version of the penis, complete with erectile tissue that gets engorged when she’s aroused.

The fact is, whether male or female, we all start out with the same genital tissue. While we’re in the womb, the tissue that is destined to become our sex organs is very similar. As the fetus matures, that tissue grows to become either male or female genitalia.


If you’re like most people, you first noticed the difference between boys and girls “down there” when you played doctor as a kid. “Show me yours and I’ll show you mine” was, for most of us, a surprise and a thrill. What you couldn’t have possibly understood, and what many adults still don’t understand, is that men and women have the same parts; they are just organized in different ways.

I wrote about this in detail in an article titled, “Learn How To Stimulate Her Genitals,” which also gives you a thorough anatomy lesson.

Think of understanding anatomy as having a map to buried treasure.



Now I want to share a few tips on how to give her an amazing clitoral erection.

A clitoral erection gives her the highest ability to be multi-orgasmic. When you get her whole clitoral structure swollen and erect, she will achieve orgasm more easily and with more pleasure.

At first, you will be minimally focused on her clitoris.

To begin, you want to focus on her entire genital area, starting from the outside and working your way in. Start with her legs, belly, and buttocks. Then massage her outer genital area, the outer labia, and the mons venus.

Do not go right for her clitoris

As her genital area gets engorged and puffy, her clitoris will follow suit and give you the signal when your woman is ready for you to start rubbing her nub.

  1. Tell her how beautiful her genitals are to you.
    Many women feel uncomfortable when their partner looks at their lady bits. Verbalize your appreciation for her body and say things like, “You have the most beautiful Yoni."
  2. Acknowledge her for being vulnerable.
    Again, go verbal. From your own vulnerability and sense of awe, tell her the effect it has on you when she opens up.
  3. Tell her specifically what you are observing.
    Note the changes in her genitals as she becomes aroused, again, be appreciative and descriptive.
  4. Tell her specifically what you are doing.
    For example, “I am touching [insert your favorite terms for her parts], and now I'm moving on to your..." etc. 
  5. Explain what effect your ministrations are having on her vagina:
    Tell her what you see and observe, and how it makes you feel. 
  6. Once you have your fingers inside her, share with her what you are experiencing:
    Observe, appreciate, and describe!
  7. When the moment is right, start talking to her clitoris:
    Keep encouraging, talking directly to her clitoris. Slowly increase the amount of stimulation on her clitoris, never staying too long on the most sensitive tip. 
When all is said and she has had her orgasm, be sure to appreciate your woman for opening up to you.

Note the use of personal pronouns, “She” and “Her.” It’s a huge turn-on for women who’ve never conceived of their genitals as “she” before.

Consistently admire her private parts and the two of you will begin to share sweet, tender feelings about her vulva, which will lead to a freer, more uninhibited, sexual expression.

There are people who are turned on by visuals, others who prefer auditory seduction and a third group who blossom through touch.

Talking during lovemaking is one of the best ways to increase connection and pleasure. Yet not everyone feels comfortable doing so.


Listen to the Love Lines interview to learn more ways to be aurally seductive from master lovers Dr. Patti and Daka Raj.

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