5 Secrets Women Use To Get Men To Propose

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To Bed or Wed- 5 Secrets to a Getting a Marriage Proposal

I have received 16 marriage proposals so if you want to get married soon, please learn these secrets because this system works!

One of the men who proposed to me said, "Getting married is like a virus and men get it every few years."

Why is that interesting to you? Because the summer we dated, he did not propose but 6 months after we stopped seeing each other, he called me out of the blue, invited me to "our restaurant", picked me up in a limo, and asked me to marry him!

Women who are focused on marriage get married; women who are available for fun and games get that. These 5 secrets are for you; do not share them with your dates! Do not use them as threats and never ever give a man an ultimatum.

If you threaten "either you marry me or I’m leaving", a smart man won’t take "either"; he will always take "or" and that leaves you back where you started; looking for a great husband!   

With that said, here are the secrets on how to get him to propose to you:

1. Don’t settle for a jerk.

You are in charge of your life. Make it happen the way you want by picking the very best man from the millions who are available — yes, millions!

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2. Never ever enter a dead-end relationship if you want to get married because you can’t waste time.

If you want children, you cannot afford to marry a cute, underemployed guy who drinks too much. Can you? Then you can’t afford to date him either!  

3. Be clear about what you want.

Your clarity about the exact type of man you are seeking is the fast-track to a fast proposal.

I advise my clients to create a list of 50-100 attributes, all written in positive and specific language.

4. Don't try to change him.

If you’re trying to change him, he would be an idiot to propose to you.

There are millions and millions of candidates for you; limit your renovations to your starter house and avoid all "fixer-upper" men. 

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5. Keep to this schedule.

Six months for dating; 1 year to become engaged and move in together; and 1 and half years to the marriage. That’s the schedule.

Now, follow it! If he is too confused to proceed at this pace, he’s too confused to become your husband.

If you’re saying to yourself that this is too harsh, you may be waiting for a proposal. If you think this is too direct and insufficiently romantic you’re right.

Romance is a part of a lifelong marriage and you need a husband who is both a planner and a lover and an earner, too, because marriage, life, and children are very, very expensive; aren’t they?

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Susan Allen is a certified Mediator and communication expert. For a complimentary session so that you can see what you need to do differently and to learn how to find him, motivate him and marry him please email

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