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About Sue Mandel

As a dating coach, matchmaker, and licensed marriage and family therapist with 27 years of experience, I bring something very unique to the world of date coaching and matchmaking. My background is both traditional and academic, but is also mixed with a wealth of life experience that has helped me develop a unique approach to helping you find relationship happiness.

Love and relationships have always been my passion. Two of the most important lenses that I look through to help my clients are Interpersonal Neurobiology and Attachment. You may not even know about the 20 years of hard scientific research on relationships, romantic love, happiness, and well-being, but that's okay; I do. And I put it all to work for you.

On my site you will find a variety of coaching services to help you get started. My date coaching programs, monthly Sunday Night Singles, special events, dating support groups and one-on-one coaching offer something for everyone. In addition, I am connected to help you find love with a vast network of colleagues across the globe to help meet your dating needs.  So what I can tell you is that the question isn't, "where do I find love?" but "how do I find love?" and together we can find that answer quickly.

Most people who are struggling with dating and finding love have similar difficulties:

  • Dating for a long time without success and can't figure out why
  • Learning how to flirt and all that goes into it / being approachable
  • Continually choosing the wrong person (thinking it will be the right person!)
  • Wanting to just give up because "all the good ones are taken" 
  • Re-entering the dating scene and not knowing where to start
  • Being confused as to why your relationships don't work out
  • Not getting a call back for a second (or third) date
  • Getting comfortable with sex and intimacy after being out of "the loop"
  • Learning how to do online dating successfully (yes, it can and does work)
  • Feeling frustrated because you are really ready for a great relationship
  • Not knowing how to get through all the dating "firsts"
  • Regaining your self-confidence to take charge of your love life
  • Understanding what men (or women) want and how they think about dating
  • How to dress for your body type and shape / knowing if you could use some image consulting

Working with me will help you hone the skills you need in order to have a great dating life and a strong understanding of who you are on the inside. It's that combination that lets you embrace a deeply personal, intimate connection when the right love interest comes to your life.   

So while my background is as a traditional therapist, in this role we're looking forward. We're going to take a look at your dating history and see what's worked and what's gone wrong (maybe horribly wrong).  From there we can use my vast array of tools and techniques to help get you ready to meet some very special dates. 

This in not therapy, but I have the advantage of bringing the best information from the scientific literature on relationships, happiness, personal development, and romantic love to our work. 

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