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The Numerous Benefits Of Reiki For Dogs

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dog getting a reiki session

Did you know that dogs like getting Reiki, too? It's true! Energy healing isn't just for people. 

Why give Reiki to dogs? Just like people, dogs have issues, imbalances, and the need for healing. As energy beings who are particularly sensitive and aware, they readily take to energy healing in general and Reiki in particular.

Dogs, like most animals, sense the energy. Once they figure it out, they're all in and will gladly help you help them in the best and most pleasurable way.

How is Reiki for dogs beneficial?

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I've been giving Reiki to dogs and other animals for over 15 years. That includes many, many rescue dogs and puppies over the 10 years I've been fostering them.

These observations are based on my experience as a Reiki Master and teacher.

The reasons for giving Reiki to dogs are essentially the same as for humans. Rescue dogs tend to have experienced more trauma, change, and challenges than their non-rescue counterparts.

But, this isn't to say that the latter live in bliss and perfect health either.

Common reasons why Reiki for dogs helps with healing:

Stress and anxiety

Stress-related conditions (e.g. skin and hair conditions)


Grief (loss of a companion)

Trauma, often associated with abandonment or mistreatment

Fear of thunder, people, particular types of people, or objects (e.g. the vacuum cleaner)

Lethargy or tiredness

Hyperactivity or reactivity

Resource guarding

Trust issues

Anger toward other dogs or people

Sleep disorders and nightmares

Incessant barking

Allergies and other symptoms of allergic reactions

Stomach and digestive discomfort

Pain and stiffness

Injury and the associated mental and emotional effects

Postoperative discomfort

Symptoms of disease and other conditions in general

Symptoms of aging (e.g. difficulty breathing, aches, and pain)

General support for recovery (e.g. heartworm, kennel cough)

Behavioral problems in general

Palliative care for dogs near the end of life

Other emotional, mental, or spiritual issues

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How do puppies benefit from Reiki?

Puppies experience many of the same issues that dogs do and some additional issues that are common and/or specific to puppies include:

Teething pain

Sadness and grief associated with being weaned and removed from their mothers and siblings

Separation anxiety

Fear, particularly during the 7-12 week heightened fear stage

Symptoms of common puppy conditions and diseases (running belly, worms, giardia other intestinal parasites, canine parvovirus)

Stress and exhaustion from overstimulation or from being crated or penned in

Help down to sleep (at the right time)

Rescue puppies and dogs often have hard lives and bad experiences with people, whether the people acted intentionally or not.

Even puppies just a few weeks old can have some pretty bad experiences. All dogs deserve Reiki. These guys may just have a strong need for it.

Reiki sessions can be in" person" and virtually (distance healing). For many dogs, distance healing is ideal.

Note of caution: Reiki is most often used as a complementary treatment that supports self-healing. It's not a substitute for conventional veterinary medicine or proper daily care practices for your dog. Make sure to treat your dog's health and well-being holistically.

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Patricia Bonnard, PhD, ACC is a spiritual life coach and energy healer. She is a Master/Instructor of eight different forms of Reiki and has been practicing and teaching for nearly 20 years. She's the author of an eManual about Reiki for dogs

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