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5 Sexy Reasons You NEED A Luxury Vibrator

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No matter if you call them vibrators, passion products, romance products, bedroom toys, marital aids, or adult sex toys and accessories, you imagine tacky neon-colored phallic objects that need batteries, are jelly or plastic, and smell or disintegrate. No wonder the idea of bringing these awful products into the bedroom (much less putting them inside one's body) is WRONG!

In recent years, a new category of adult products has started to emerge. New manufacturers have hit the market with a mission to re-imagine the traditional sex toy and take chemicals out of toys, lubricants and stimulants.

Technology, innovation, and better materials and design have improved every aspect of our lives and adult products, too, benefit from progress. These amazing new products are commonly referred to as "luxury vibrators".

What is a luxury sex toy? One extreme example is an exceptionally crafted $15,000 gold-plated vibrator (the LELO Inez). While a gold vibrator raises the bar for the entire category, most luxury vibrators are actually under $200. They're not distinguished by price; they stand out based on design, materials, performance and innovation.

Here are five reasons to invest in luxury vibrators (if you're not already convinced):

1. Luxury vibrators perform better.

Horsepower is important for sports cars and it's just as important for vibrators! Luxury vibrators have more powerful and quieter motors, which means better stimulation and greater orgasms. More sophisticated motors also have multiple speeds and settings so users enjoy more variety.

2. Luxury vibrators are discreet.

Fun Fact: Ancient Egyptians invented phallic dildos. That wonderful design has not changed in thousands of years—until now!

A luxury sex toy looks more like an art object or iPhone accessory than a penis. It most certainly doesn't look like an animal or a rabbit sex toy from Sex And The City. People all over the world are starting to leave luxury vibrators out on their nightstands (or even coffee tables).

3. Luxury vibrators are rechargeable and/or remote controlled.

You read that correctly. Let's not forget that it's 2015. Your partner can operate your sex toy from across the room—or across the world!

For those who find that they can't put their sex luxury vibrators down, they don't need to worry about going through hundreds of batteries. The best vibrators are usually rechargeable or have a strong battery life.

4. Luxury vibrators are waterproof.

The fun no longer has to end at the bath/shower door. The latest luxury vibrators are 100% waterproof. Swimming pool? Hot tub?  Sauna? Lake? Yes, yes, yes and yes! Water is no longer the enemy of your intimate romance tool.

5. Luxury vibrators use high quality materials.

Unlike regular sex toys, which are sometimes toxic, all luxury vibrators and sex accessories are body safe and made from the finest materials available. They are phthalate free and 100% silicone.

What are phthalates you ask? Well, let's just say these chemicals are not something you want anywhere near your body… much less inside your body.

100% silicone products don't break down or melt over time, so you don't have to worry about little bits of plastic breaking off and ending up in places they don't belong or your toy disintegrating. The finest quality silicone also means that these toys are velvety soft and don't feel rubbery.

Of course, if being environmentally conscious is a turn-on, you should know that some luxury sex toy brands use sustainable materials. Green materials include 24K gold, stainless steel, aluminum, stone, wood and glass.

When most people learn about and use luxury vibrators and accessories, they wonder why anyone would ever buy a regular sex toy. They're a bit harder to find since most retailers focus on selling the low-end, high-margin passion products, and they're also a little more expensive than regular sex toys. But quality comes at a premium.

When it comes to your pleasure, isn't a little quality and piece of mind worth a few extra dollars?