How To Transform Your Life By Doing Absolutely NOTHING

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How To Transform Your Life By Doing Absolutely NOTHING

The word "meditation" comes from the Latin root "mederi", meaning "to heal."

One may wonder how the act of doing virtually nothing can mend ailments in which conventional medicine based on years of scientific research has not yet mastered. The underlying reason is summed up with a very simple explanation: true wisdom lies within.

We have been taught that at the first sign of illness, we must look outside of ourselves for help. The body speaks to us every day in various ways, making us aware of imbalances in our homeostasis. These feelings we experience through the senses are messages that we are out of balance in some way and a change needs to occur.

The act of being still and quiet with practice has the potential to allow for the wisdom to be experienced beyond the senses, in fact, it is an act of turning the senses inward. Every moment we experience in this life has the potential to be experienced from a place within or from our physical experience.

In order to survive, we have been conditioned to live out most of our lives from the perspective of our physical bodies, immersed by the demanding vocalization of our 5 senses.

When we sit in stillness and allow all that is physical to become relaxed and feel safe enough to release the control that we have been convinced is necessary for survival, we create a space between the mind and body in which true wisdom may be experienced.

The benefits of this stillness or space creation affect our physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions.

The benefits of having a meditative mind are many. One of the primary benefits is the ability to liberate ourselves from the accumulated idea that we are our labels and personality. When we believe this, life is challenging and we more easily fall into the "I am not enough...I do not have enough" thought patterns. 

Meditation is a practice that allows us to create the space we need to respond rather than react. Life is filled with moments in time and we have the ability to choose how we will honor each moment.

We have the ability to create miracles and produce transformation within ourselves and others when we exercise the responding muscle rather than the reaction muscle from our past conditioning. For example, with the added space within, we are more able to allow compassion to arise and anger to release.

This, of course, takes practice and the healing is in the journey. Here are the benefits of a regular Meditation Practice: 

  1. It provides a relaxed and peaceful state of being, which in turn creates the same in our relationships. 
  2. It strengthens our abilities to govern the laws of the universe.
  3. It allows for stability and resilience during challenging times.
  4. It increases Melatonin production, which in turn enhances our immune system, helping us sleep as well as an increasing our production of serotonin and other neurotransmitters to enhance our mood.
  5. Practicing stillness while following our breathing will always make us feel at home, connected, and grounded.

Stacey Huard is a Wellness Coach and Creator and Co-owner of Santosha Yoga and Wellness Therapies. For more on how to incorporate Meditation in your life, visit their website.

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