Can A Single Man Be 'Just Friends' With A Married Woman?

Danger Sign

Is it a myth or can a single man really be just friends with a married woman? Maybe your best friend has always been a single guy and now that you are married, this affects your relationship with your husband. Maybe you’re the single guy who really is just friends with a married lady? There are many different perspectives to look at when trying to answer this question.

The Single Guy's Point of View

Are your motives really clear and clean? If so, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a friend who is a married woman. Even if you may feel more for her, you're absolutely fine as long as you remember that she is married and has chosen to spend her life with someone else. What Guys Think Links: Where Are All The Nice Single Guys?

The Husband's Point of View

Are you a man of the 21st Century? This one is a tough one, because some men would have absolutely no problem with the fact that their wife has a single guy for a best friend. Others would not be able to handle it at all.

Can A Single Man Really Just Be Friends With A Married Woman?

This all comes down to trust, right? Think about it. If you are just great friends then what’s the problem? You should be able to spend time together without it automatically leading to a romantic relationship. The main problem here is that others might see this friendship differently, especially the husband of the relationship. What if there’s too much touching? What about secret meetings without an open understanding? Even simple things like having an argument leading the wife to spend time with her single male friend could lead to problems. 5 Ways to Build Trust

This really is a tough question to answer. Can a single man really just be friends with a married woman? We believe that this really depends on the people within the friendship and love triangle and how they react to one another. There really is no clear-cut answer.

An important point that we forgot to mention is that the single guy might actually be friends with both parties, making it easier or sometimes harder once again. With more and more marital affair sites popping up all over the internet, there is clearly a stain on relationships these days. Maybe this type of friendship is just another example.

We’d love to hear your thoughts? Do you have a best friend who is male? Does your husband react in a certain way?

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