What Guys Think Links: Where Are All The Nice Single Guys?

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Whoa. It's been a minute or two since we've seen what the guys think. And this cool November has been getting our brains, mouths and keyboards into over-drive.

It's a fact, Eudora Welty, all the good single men are taken!* Or are they? Good Men Project argues that even really great dudes have a hard time finding someone. Not everyone out there is a George Clooney-like player (though not everyone out there has his charming, boyish looks either).

Speaking of untrue myths about men, Madame Noire has a few doozies that they set straight. Evidently, a guy can respect a one-night stand. 

And science backs that point up. Per Modern Man, researchers tell us that as long as two people are down for a long-term relationship it matters not when the boots are first knocked. Now tricking a lady who's just down for shmanging into that relationship...

It's best to know when a guy is in it to win it — or planning on hitting it and quitting it. According to Evan Marc Katz, you can make the appropriate decision only when you have a good idea of his intentions. Do people still ask if intentions are honorable or not?

Sometimes, after a guy has about all he wants from a relationship, he'll kick an Irish Goodbye. College Candy asks their resident dude WHY the Houdini act happens and, sorta, how to fix it.

Some guys bail when the sex goes south (figuratively, of course). The Impersonals (The Onion of relationships) has advice on how to cope when you and yours are totally off the bone.

When there is no sexington, one party may be watching too much porn, a popular variety of which is the girl on girl kind. My pals Em & Lo ask their man panel why dudes are so into lady on lady cavorting. Women are soft, purty and they smell good.

What happens when your best bro breaks up with a total dime (a good friend ceases to date a nearly perfect woman)? Bro Code dictates she's off-limits (per an unwritten set of rules, men are not supposed to make romantic advances toward women who were previously courted by their close compatriots). Ask Men dares to go into the minutia of when a guy can put man-morality in the rearview and get his swerve/steady on (a website dedicated to advising men on a myriad issues counsels when a gentleman is permitted to circumvent societal expectations and either enjoy intercourse or a long-term romantic friendship).

It's the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year of this century for another few hours, and our great friends at HowAboutWe have some ideas on how you can enoy it with a date. Too bad baseball season is over, cuz I think we should eat 11 hot dogs and drink 11 beers during an 11th inning baseball game. I'll hold your hair while you puke if you promise same.

And finally, there comes a time in a man's life when food is more important that sex. And, per Mr. John DeVore (the dude from The Frisky), that time isn't exclusively when he's starving. Something something to a man's something is through the stomach.

*Note: We know very well that Flannery O'Connor wrote "A Good Man Is Hard To Find." You've been pranked!

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