3 Questions Grooms-To-Be Must Ask Before Popping The Question

marriage proposal
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Guys, before asking her to marry you, ask yourself these serious questions.

There are over two million marriages in the United States each year and if you are considering joining the ranks of the married, be sure that you know what you're getting into. Before you pop the question to your beautiful bride to be, you may be considering all the things that make you smile about this person—great sex, the same taste in food, a spontaneous personality—but  you also need to look further down the road. Here are three questions to ask yourself before that wedding ever happens:

1. Are we going to have shared bank accounts? There is a common misconception that married couples are supposed to have shared bank accounts—not so! In fact, 31 percent of couples who live together or are married maintain separate checking accounts and 23 percent keep separate savings accounts. While it can be advantageous to keep things separate because disagreements over spending can easily arise by sharing accounts, it's a personal decision that you and your partner need to discuss in advance. As long as you are in agreement, it doesn't really matter whether you have separate or joint accounts, just make sure you've both considered the pros and cons of each option. Keep reading...

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