5 Ways For Short Guys To Appear A Foot Taller And — Get The Girl

Good things come in small packages.

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Overwhelmingly, women prefer dating tall guys. But if the ideal man is tall, dark and handsome, are men who are short, blonde and ugly really the least likely to find love? 

Not necessarily. In my coaching practice, I've found that diminutive men who hone in on the science of attraction can be as lucky in love as their taller counterparts. Are you short? Do you want to be irresistible to the opposite sex? Below are five unbeatable ways to attract the ladies.


1. Be confident.

Short men who have dating success understand that being short or tall doesn't define who you are. It is the way you perceive yourself that causes a woman to be attracted or turned off to you. If you walk around as if your height is a hindrance, then women or people in general will see you as less attractive because having a lack of confidence is always a turn off.

Many men in Hollywood are vertically challenged and do not let that stand in their way of attracting love (i.e. Tom Cruise, Prince, Kat Williams, Michael J. Fox, Danny Devito, Seth Green and many others). Keep you chest full of pride and your head up high and you too will stand out as a desired catch among women!


2. Be funny.

Many women surveyed said that they would prefer a funny man to a serious one any day of the week! Funny men are attractive because it feels so good to be around them. Most beneficial for the men are that whenever he makes a woman laugh, she forms a positive association to seeing his face. If you are not naturally funny, take a comedy class or tap into your funny bone because a sense of humor will make any short man a tall cup of attractive!

3. Be social.

Women are attracted to men with a personality and whom other women surround. If you can become gifted at mingling and attracting a crowd then you will have no problem attracting the ladies.


The psychology behind this is that people want to be around people who are desired by other people and it is easier to be approached and openly flirt with a woman who willingly joined the crowd. Never sit alone at a party and always find a way to bring a group together and soon women will be exploring what makes you so appealing.

4. Embrace the friend zone.

Men balk at the idea of becoming a woman's friend because they fear that they will be pushed into the friend zone and forever be locked there. However, the truth is that when a woman finds you attractive, friend or no friend zone, she will be open to taking the relationship to the next level.

Her guard isn't up to a friend and she will most likely not resist falling for you if the connection between the two of you develops. If you start off as friends and she has a chance to get to know you, have fun with you, and also has an opportunity to fall in love with who you are, she can and will most likely be able to accept your height and love you for who you are!


5. Own your height.

Look for women who are shorter than you by joining online dating sites for shorter people or approach women who are short. Finding a woman who is also vertically challenged will give you both a commonality and minimize your height as an insecurity in your relationship.

Everyone has a reason to be insecure about something. Owning the fact that you are short and not accepting that it limits you in the love department will give you an added advantage to love.


Tall men, take note, and ladies, pay attention. Sometimes the best things in life come in smaller packages!