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4 Reasons Why Sex With An Ex Is A Bad Idea

4 Reasons Why Sex With An Ex Is A Bad Idea [EXPERT]

Breakups are never fun, especially when the sex was fabulous. Sleeping with an ex can be so tempting because of the feelings you once had and the memories of how your ex made you feel in your most intimate moments together. It's even easier to slip into the 'sex with the ex' trap if you were once married. Either way, sex with the ex — while extremely tempting — is rarely a good idea unless you can work things out and get back together. Are You Easily Seduced?

Here are four reasons why joining the sex-with-the-ex club isn't such a great idea after all:

1. You Broke Up For A Reason: If you two broke up, it was for a good reason. Having sex, even if it is great sex, has never solved anyone's relationship issues. If the paint was wet when you sat down, it will be wet when you get back up. Move on or explore the cause of the break up...but do not muddy the water by introducing the confusing game of sex into the picture.

2. Lines Will Be Blurred: You two were once very committed and now you are both broken up. You are having sex but now there is no commitment. This is a train wreck waiting to happen no matter how many times either or both of you say that it is just casual and there should be no expectations. There is no relationship, but the sexual act sometimes causes one of the two to still expect exclusivity. If you are having sex without a commitment, you are playing a dangerous game of Russian Roulette. This is also a simple way to demote your once committed relationship into a stand-alone booty call...which is never a great idea for the woman. Value Your "V"

3. Bonding Will Still Continue: When a woman has sex with a man she releases Oxytocin. This chemical reaction causes bonding with in a woman for the person she is having sex with. Continuing a sexual relationship maintains the addiction and prevents her from moving on. Not to mention that sex is also a spiritual act that causes the formation of a 'soul tie.'

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