What To Do If You Can't Make A Woman Orgasm

Understand this: Pleasure without orgasm is still pleasure.

If your woman can't orgasm, stop trying so hard. weheartit

Hey, stud.

We all know women fake orgasms… a lot. You might even suspect your woman is guilty of faking it.

But do you know the biggest reason why women feel the need to do it? The main reason a woman will fake orgasms is because we try too hard to give her one.

Look, your woman wants to please you. She wants to make you feel good.

She wants to orgasm for you because she knows it’ll boost your ego and make you feel like a stud.



The problem is that she’s focusing on "trying to orgasm" instead of focusing on (and enjoying) the pleasure that makes orgasms happen.

Here’s an analogy I really like.

The most successful business owners in the world don’t focus on "getting money" (well, the ethical ones don’t). Successful and ethical business owners focus on creating value for their customers. Once they’ve created something their customers value, trading that value for money is simple. But, they focus on the creation of value, not the money.


The same mindset can help you transform into a master lover. Instead of focusing on giving orgasms, focus on giving pleasure.

When a woman's pleasure is your only focus, she feels it, and orgasms come naturally.

Stop being so greedy!


When we focus on her orgasm, what we’re really focused on is getting instead of giving.


We’re focused on "taking" her orgasm to feed our ego and make ourselves feel good. We’ve all done this. I know I have. It doesn’t make us bad people. Well, it did. But not anymore.

Instead of trying to "take" her orgasm to feed your ego, shift your mind to giving pleasure.

Understand this: Pleasure without orgasm is still pleasure.



If she's trying to orgasm, she’s in her head, thinking. She’s feeling pressure to achieve a goal. It's not sexy and it's not going to make her come.

Think about it.

Have you ever been "in your head" thinking and worrying during sex? Have you ever felt pressure to achieve a goal in bed? Of course, you have. What guy hasn’t?

So let me ask, how did that work out for you? Not too good I’m guessing. So here’s how to help her get out of her head and into the sweet world of orgasmic ecstasy.

1. NEVER ask her questions like "Did you come?", "Are you close?", or "How bout now?"

These types of questions only make her wonder things like "Am I taking too long?", "Does he not like this?", or "I need to come or he’s going to feel bad."


These thoughts will butcher her chances of reaching a climax because she’s focused on something that’s not happening instead of focusing on the pleasurable sensations you’re giving her.

So don’t interrogate her about some goal. Instead, use your words to shift all of her focus to positive, pleasurable sensations.

If I say "Don’t think of a pink elephant", what do you think of? One part of your mind might think "No, don’t do it." And another part creates a picture of a pink elephant so that it knows what not to think about.

This is why a lot of advertisers will say things like "Have you ever wondered how many orgasms a woman can have in one night?" Asking the question shifts our focus and makes us think about it.


2. Direct your woman's focus. 


You can use this same principal above to direct your woman's focus. You might say something like "You taste amazing, baby. I love feeling you against my tongue."

In order to truly understand what you’re saying, she has to focus on "feeling herself against your tongue."


It also lets her know that you’re enjoying yourself and you’re not rushing to get anywhere. You are also enjoying the journey of pleasure.

Notice what her skin feels like when you lightly run your fingertips on it. Notice the sensation your taste buds feel when you stroke your tongue against her.

Savor her as if you’re tasting the finest wine that has ever graced your lips. Let her see how much you love it and let her know you’d be happy doing it for hours.


3. Enjoy making her feel good.


Imagine your woman was going down on you and kept stopping every couple of minutes to ask you if you’re almost there yet.

Imagine getting the feeling that she’s not really enjoying what she’s doing. Now, contrast that with a woman who’s going down on you and it’s obvious that she loves it.


You can tell there’s nothing she’d rather be doing and she stops only long enough to tell you how much she loves feeling you in her mouth and tasting your manhood.

This is how you want her to feel.

So let her see that you’re doing it because she’s absolutely delicious and you’re getting pleasure tasting her — not because you’re trying to achieve some goal or want a turn or because you need your ego stroked.

Focus on the pleasure and orgasms will follow.

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