The #1 Thing A Man Can Do To Give A Woman The BEST Sex Of Her LIFE

All men should memorize this immediately!

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Gentlemen, does your partner seem bored in bed? If so, I have some bad news — she probably IS bored. 

The good news is — I’ve got a simple solution for you.

But first, let me help you understand why she seems bored in bed. Keep up with me for a minute here: 

Imagine you’re a superhero. Your superpower makes every woman in the world want you. Yup. All of them.

Everywhere you go, all the hottest women come onto you and make it quite clear they would sleep with you. All you have to do is say “come,” and she will follow you anywhere and do any and everything you ask. This superpower also makes every man in the world respect and envy you.


All women want you and all men want to be you. Sound good so far?

Here’s the catch: Every time you actually have sex with a woman though, any woman, you lose a little bit of your power. On top of that, if you let the woman you’re sleeping with see that you actually enjoy sex, you lose even more of your power.

Seems like a cruel nightmare, right?

Well, fellas ... the reverse of this is pretty much the reality every WOMAN lives with day in and day out.  

Though mainstream media is FINALLY talking about the fact that women have MUCH higher sex drives than most men realize, society is still quick to cruelly judge and label them sluts. Their sexual super power is met with scorn, and as a result, women feel they have to repress their sexual desires in order to avoid shame and rejection.


Women who freely express their drive and desires often lose a lot of respect and are told by society that they’re much less desirable.

Think about this, women can have many different types of orgasms. They can have multiple orgasm in the same session. A woman's clitoris has almost twice as many nerve endings as your entire penis.

The bottom line is that, from a physical standpoint, women can experience a lot more pleasure during sex than men.

Unfortunately, most men never learn how women's bodies really work and how to give women insane amounts of pleasure, but we’ll get to that in a minute. For now, understand that she can’t let you know how much she loves and wants sex because history has shown her that she’ll be judged, shamed, and lose respect.


Now you might say, “I would never judge or shame her.” And that’s great, but guess what … it doesn’t matter if you think that. All that matters (in this context) is what she thinks.

If she has ever heard you judge or shame anyone for their sexual preferences or expressions (especially another woman or ex-girlfriend), then she’s going to hold back in bed and repress her sexuality with you out of fear you’ll do the same to her.

If you want her to totally let lose with you, have the strongest orgasms possible, and think you're the best lover she’s ever had, then you must NEVER judge or shame anyone in front of her.

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learn in life is that you’re usually better off going in the opposite direction of the masses.


Most people lose money in the stock market, so when everyone else is selling, you should probably be buying. When everyone else is buying, it’s often a good sign that it’s time for you to sell. 

Likewise, when everyone else is judging and shaming some celebrity for the latest sex scandal or the way they performed on stage, you applaud their sexual expression and freedom.

When you’re in bed with your woman, make sure you encourage, applaud and reward her sexual expression. Say things like: “Hearing you moan like that makes me so hot.” Or, “you look so sexy when you _____.”

Remember this: A woman's orgasm is trapped or freed based on the emotions she’s feeling in the moment.


If she’s feels fear, worry, and doubt because she doesn’t know if you’re going to start judging her, she isn’t going to come (or will only do so with reservation).

Let her know that it’s truly safe to “let loose” with you without any consequence and she'll be able to unleash the most powerful orgasms she’s ever had.

Once you show her that she can express her sexuality with you (and then HONOR that safe space you created no matter what), pleasing her becomes only a matter of sexual technique. And contrary to what the mainstream media would have you believe, mastering techniques is quite simple.


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