There's Now A Sticker Condom That Shuts His Penis Closed During Sex

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Sticker For Your Penis--Newest Exploitation of Men (and Women)?

Guys have long hated condoms. The value of riding ‘bare-back’ cannot be understated. Countless men have told me they’d rather not have sex at all than wear a condom.

Well, that’s probably because they have ably convinced their partners that condoms are not necessary. When faced with a firm "no glove; no love", nearly all guys acquiesce.

In guys’ defense, condoms do limit sensation. Not only are they a physical barrier, but for some, they represent an emotional and psychological barrier as well.

There is a new product that is masquerading dangerously close to an alternative method of contraception.

Jiftip is a sticker that goes on the urethra (tip of the penis) to seal it shut during intercourse. The product, four years in the making, offers no clinical trials, FDA approval, or proof that it works.

Watch the video below to see how it works.

The recommendation is to wear the sticker until a man is ready to ejaculate, then to "pull out" and rip it off like a band-aid to experience climax.

Does it hurt? Even the website says it does, but they assure that men "will get used to it". The website also recommends men to ejaculate with the sticker on.  

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The site explains that Chinese Daoist monks have "enjoyed reversing fluids back into the prostate for eons."

Urologists and sexual medicine doctors have concerns about the potential health risks associated with inducing retrograde ejaculation (which is what happens if a man ejaculates with the sticker on).

This product is the latest opportunity to cash in on men’s never-ending wish to stay harder, last longer, and have better orgasms. 

I’m all for improving sexual function and satisfaction (I’ve spent 25 years helping people achieve optimal sexual health and satisfaction), but the temptation to take advantage of people's sexual insecurities to make a buck is always looming.

I've written numerous blogs about how men will do virtually anything to stay hard and Jiftip may be another example.

Clearly, the product does not take itself too seriously.

The writing style of the website sounds more like a cheesy tagline for a porn video than a legitimate alternative: "It's 'celebrate', not celibate...Go crazy or just relax, Jiftip has you covered. As you feel the rush to gush, which will it be? What a wonderful world. You get to fall in love with sex, all over again, like a virgin."

Of course, the website follows that sexy hype with this necessary legal disclaimer: "Because it's not approved for anything anywhere, let's make this clear: Use Jiftip for novelty, pleasure, convenience, fun, or entertainment. THOU SHALT NOT USE FOR PREGNANCY OR STI PREVENTION PURPOSES."

As a "novelty" item, I’m sure Jiftip is fine. My concern is that people don’t always read the fine print (especially teenagers) and may believe that this product is a safe form of contraception and reduces the risk of STI’s — neither of which is true.

Young men may convince women (wittingly or unwittingly) that this product is legit contraception, leaving both genders vulnerable to unwanted pregnancies and STI’s.

I am sensitive to the sexual insecurities of both men and women and I feel protective when I sense even a hint of potential exploitation.

So, buyers, beware!

Kimberly Resnick Anderson is a nationally-certified sex therapist and owner of Clinical Concepts in Sexual Health in Los Angeles, CA.