7 HOT AF Sex Positions That Make Him Last The Longest

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He doesn't need to be a 1-minute man anymore.

Ever find yourself in the heat of the moment... and then things are over WAY too soon? Endurance is no laughing matter, and it's something that can create a mess of even the best planned nights.

But how can we help our date to last longer? Sex positions that create relatively shallow penetration are quite helpful in having him last longer before orgasm since deep thrusting (like what you do in doggy style) often makes guys come a lot earlier than desired.

"Try positions that involve slow and steady sex over fast and furious. Positions that are physically tricky can also help him last longer since he’ll have to devote some of his attention to his acrobatics and balancing act," says sexpert Coleen Singer of

Sexologists have a couple of suggestions about keeping the fun going a lot longer, and you may want to add these to your repertoire.

1. Missionary

"Any position that has him on top, penis pointing generally downward, will support blood flow if he’s one of those men that sometimes loses his erection. The idea here is simple: blood flow allows for a more stable erection if it doesn’t have to fight gravity," says sexologist Carol Queen.

2. Standing Against the Wall

If he's physically distracted in some way, like standing up rather than lying down, it’s possible that this will slow down his response time.

"So doggy style, standing in the shower or up against the wall, and all those on-your-feet moves may have a last-longer effect. He might also find that changing positions often will do this," says Queen.

3. Testicle Pull

Keeping intercourse (in whatever position) slow will help it last.

"And some guys have a trick where if you pull down gently on their balls, they won't come as quickly. This is probably one of those distraction moves; plus, ordinarily just before he’s about to ejaculate, his testicles will elevate," says Queen. Pulling them down prevents this.  

4. Spooning

This position requires you to both lay on your side, facing the same direction.

"With your man behind you, allow him to penetrate you gently and enjoy slow rocking motions and grinding as your bodies merge together. This position creates shallow penetration to avoid overstimulation. It also forces you to move slowly and gently, since he’s likely to fall out if he gets overly energetic," says Singer.

5. Side-By-Side

Lay on your sides, facing each other. His pelvis should be lower than yours.

"Lift your top leg and wrap it around his waist. Once he has penetrated you, wrap your leg around him tightly. You can initiate movement by squeezing him closer before releasing him, or he can move by gently pulling away and pushing closer," says Singer.

6. Sitting In A Chair

Have him sit on a sturdy chair with armrests.

"Face away from him and lower your butt onto his lap, having him use his hand to guide insertion. Use the armrests for extra support. This is another position that can be a good alternative to doggy style. You still get the rear entry, but since you’re in charge of the action, he probably won’t get overstimulated until you want him to," says Singer.

7. Criss-Cross

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This is a spin on side-by-side or spooning. It involves him laying on his side while you straddle his pelvis in a perpendicular direction. There will be deeper penetration and since his mobility is limited, he'll last longer.