Stop Having Boring Sex! 3 Ways Women Can CONTROL Their Satisfaction

You have allllll the power.

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Sex can be a wonderful, exhilarating experience, but sometimes things can get pretty stale. If you can predict move-for-move how your sex is going to end better than you can predict what happens next in pro wrestling scripted choreography, then it's safe to say the fireworks have fizzled.

Allow me to point you in the right direction on what women can do to enjoy, amazing, hot sex. Here are a few tips to get things booming in the bedroom again:


1. Clear the clutter from your life and focus on him.

Clear the clutter. This not only means the clutter of the room but also of your mind. Start by removing anything in your room that causes you stress. Bills, unfolded laundry, your cell phone with its nonstop texts. Removing these physical distractions can help you stay in the moment.

Clearing the clutter from your mind can be more difficult, especially if you have kids. If you must, take a few moments in a private location and write down all the things you're worried about or don’t want to forget. Clear them out and leave them on that sheet of paper before you get up and focus on your partner.


Clearing clutter from your mind also means silencing your inner critic. Confidence is always sexy, and nothing zaps it faster than worrying about the way your belly looks in a new position, or the way your butt looks from behind.

For nearly all men the ONLY thought they have when they are with a naked woman is utter amazement. They’re having sex with a gorgeous woman! They don’t see any of these flaws that you see. In fact that little jiggle that keeps you awake at night may be the very thing that turns him on the most. 

2. Figure out what really turns you on.

Before you can show him what turns you on, you have to know for yourself. Spend some alone time discovering what really gets you going. Look at various things online, read erotica, be adventurous, and dare we say, masturbate! You can’t really tell your lover what you like if you don’t know what feels good, so it's imperative that you learn yourself. 


A few other things you may want to consider is doing Kegel exercises (for stronger orgasms), wearing scandalously sexy lingerie that makes you feel like a million dollars, and of course, using plenty of lube for fun, slippery sex.

Educating yourself about sex by reading books and getting information from reliable sources can also help improve your sex life and give you plenty of new ideas, especially when you do this as a couple.

3. Tell him exactly what you want and how you want it.

The next step is where most women get stuck — asking for what you want. Plenty of men enjoy someone vocal and who tells them what it is they really like, as long as it is done in a fun and relaxed way.


Share fantasies, try new positions, have sex in a new location. For the very shy male, try an adult board game which can help break him (or you) out of your routine. You can’t expect your guy to read your mind. In order to have better sex tonight, tell him exactly what you'd like to experience.

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