Why You Should Stop Looking At Naked Women

nude selfies

If you are a man and you love to look at naked women you should stop doing this immediately! There is nothing worse you can do than looking at the nude and tempting skin of women … at least when those girls are nothing but pixels on a picture screen.

The internet is full of movies and pictures with naked women. I think there are more naked selfies of girls in the web than selfies of girls who still have their clothes on. We men love to look at naked women and we absolutely love to enjoy the deliciously looking tits and asses that we see on those pictures.

Nevertheless, looking at those pictures, even if it is just a hot chick on a wallpaper, is the worst thing you can do if you really want to become good with women. After you enjoyed the digital ass of a model in your web browser you come back to a reality in which you have everything on the internet, but nothing in real life.

If She is Not Real it is a Waste of Time

If you are looking at a video in which a sexy girl shakes her ass or in which she poses for you completely naked, you are wasting your time. If you spend all day looking at selfies of girls who present their boobs to you, you are also wasting your time.

Whenever you look at naked girls who are only on screens and pictures and who are NOT near enough to approach them in real life, you are wasting your precious lifetime running after something that is unreachable in your reality. 

Every time you escape in the virtual world to look at some pictures of hot women you miss out on the chance to seduce and date such women in real life. If you are really honest to yourself, all you do by clicking through countless naked pictures of girls is to avoid reality … a reality in which you don't date, seduce and have sex with the women you really want.

Are You Feeding Your Desires?

Do you have the desire to sleep with beautiful women? Do you have the urge to have gorgeous naked women in your bed? Great, then you want the same thing as every heterosexual man wants. The only question you have to ask yourself is:

"Why the f*** do you still look at naked women and why don't you sleep with them?"

Are you getting angry at me for asking you this question? Good, because I want you to get angry. I want you to think about WHY you don't do what you want to do and why you waste your time with looking instead of touching, kissing, licking and f**ing.

We men all have the desire to have sex with amazingly beautiful women but the moment we look at some pics of naked girls we trick our brain into believing that we already have what we want. As a result of this we get too lazy to go out in the real world and to approach REAL women.

By looking at naked girls on pictures you feed your desire to see some skin but as soon as you switch off your computer or smartphone, this need becomes even bigger. What about all the other needs, such as physical contact and the smell and taste of a woman?

Well, they are still unfulfilled.

Do You Want Her in Real Life?

By looking at pictures of naked girls your desires stay unfulfilled … unless you see the naked skin that you are gazing at as a motivation. I want you to stop looking at naked women while regretting that you don't have them in your life and to start looking at them while thinking:

"I will do whatever it takes to have such a girl in my life!"

Whenever you look at the picture of a naked girl I want you to feel how it would be if she would stand in front of you. Imagine her standing there completely naked and in all her beauty. How would it feel to hold her, to caress her and to touch her whole body?

Now that you can imagine how it would be to have such a girl in real life it is on you if you take the necessary steps and learn how to seduce women, instead of looking at pictures of naked women.

Turn the pictures you look at into reality.