Could Dating Overseas Be Your Ticket To Love? (It Was For Me)

The concept of foreign dating is becoming more socially acceptable. What do you think?

dating overseas

When someone says that Facebook is the future of dating I have to smirk and when someone says that Tinder is the future of dating I have to laugh out loud. Nor Facebook, nor Tinder, nor any other technological program will determine the future of the dating world.

The only real future of dating is meeting and seducing foreign women by traveling to countries that others only know from documentaries or guidebooks that they once bought, but never actually used.


I don't say that I am the founder of the concept of foreign dating. Since the mass tourism phenomenon started, men from all over the world became interested in having sex with girls from other countries and marrying the ones they fell in love with.

The concept is not new but the dimensions will increase significantly. In the past you were labeled as a creepy sex tourist when you told others that you plan to date women from foreign countries.

Today more and more people accept the fact that men look for women beyond the borders of their home country. The fact that it becomes socially accepted motivates more and more men to date whoever they want. 


The Battle in the West

Why has this concept become so popular and thereby also more and more socially accepted? Well, the fight between men and women in the Western Hemisphere is not completely innocent.

Through all the extreme excesses of feminism and the counter-movement of men who had enough of the never-ending allegations, men and women drifted more and more apart. Today we have divorce rates that are higher than ever before and nearly nobody wants to have children anymore.

What do men instinctively do when they don't see the chance to have a healthy relationship in their home country?

New Hope Overseas

The logical reaction to an increased conflict between men and women is to step over the border and to see what the world has to offer. In the same way as ancient adventurers hoped to find resources and unexplored land by traveling the world, men in this day and age hope to find women they can have a healthy relationship with.


The more the conflict between the sexes increases, the more men will hope to find their dream girl abroad. And do you know what? Their hope will be fulfilled, which eventually leads to even more men who decide to give foreign dating a shot.

Globalization Becomes Global Dating

Besides men who travel to other countries because they are determined to find love overseas, there will also be a lot of men who end up dating foreign women even though they didn't have the intention to fall in love abroad.

The increasing globalization of our world will motivate more and more people to work abroad. I can guarantee you that the number of American or European men who work in Asia will grow in the next ten to twenty years. 


The inevitable side effect of this development is that those men will find partners in the countries they are working in.

The Internet Makes the Dream Come True

What if you don't plan to travel to another country in order to meet local girls and what if you don't plan to apply for jobs in Asia?

Well, the Internet offers you every possibility to meet women without even leaving your apartment. Thanks to online dating it's pretty easy to get in contact with foreign women. There are already hundreds of dating sites that specialize on bringing people from different countries together.

Due to the fact that the demand for foreign women will rise because of the points that I have already mentioned, the supply of online dating sites that specialize on foreign dating will grow.


The Grass is Really Greener on the Other Side

Let's talk about one last reason why foreign dating is the future. There are countries in which women have never even heard the word emancipation and when you show them videos of angry feminists they get scared (seriously, I tested it).

Those women want to end up in a relationship. They want to become start a family and they consider being a mother as more important than being a manager. As a little bonus they are usually beautiful, caring and simply amazing girlfriends.


In the same way as I found out that the grass is really greener on the other side, you will find out the same and so will thousands after you.