5 Best Anal Sex Positions For People Who Love Sex From Behind

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What Sex From Behind Can Do For You

Having sex in multiple positions and even oral sex are not as much of a taboo topic as having sex from behind sex, better known as anal sex. Somehow, people continue to be shy (scared?) when it comes to having sex from behind. 

However, sex from behind can actually be a lot of fun — for both women and men. Plus, anal sex can save your sex life from boredom. Opening your mind to it can be one of the greatest moves you make in the bedroom. Trust me, you may be pleasantly surprised at just how much you enjoy taking him from behind.

One of the reasons why many women do not necessarily want to try having anal sex with their man is because they just have no idea how to bring it up (this is especially true in relationships where the man usually "takes charge" in the bedroom).

Additionally, they often associate anal with pain and nothing else. (You must remember that lube, lots of it, is needed for anal). Also, check out the positions described below, you will see that it can be easy, exciting and pleasurable.

Best Anal Sex Positions For Hot Sex From Behind

1. Doggy Style

Doggy style is a very well known sex position, for both anal and vaginal sex — many couples really enjoy it. The wonderful benefit of this position is that it allows you to provide all the manual stimulation you want and need to your clitoris. All you need to do is get on your hands and knees. It's that easy!

Doggy style is a super natural position for anal sex. The awesome thing about it is that you can control how deep you take your man. So if it's too much, you don't even have to let your man know, you can just shimmy forward.

2. The Basset Hound

This position may not be something new to you, as it is a variation of the more traditional doggy style. But is totally worth it as it can completely change his angle of entry. Basically, you need to keep your back and your buttocks up in the air and bring your chest and head right down onto the bed.

This position can be used both for anal sex and vaginal sex, as well. It allows for a very deep penetration. If you want to use it for sex from behind, your man can also finger you while he's inside of you (or, you can use a small vibrator), so that you receive double pleasure.

3. The Bulldog

Again, this is another variation of the more classic doggy style. The main difference is that you feel even more submissive. So if you like feeling submissive, then you will absolutely love this position.

Instead of kneeling behind you, your man will have to squat right over your butt and then crouch down. To take the submission up a notch more, your man can grab your hair. However, if you want this to be more romantic, you should know that it does not necessarily have to be dominant/submissive position. Your man can gently caress your back and your waist while thrusting, as well. 

4. The Cornered Doggy

This is one of the best positions for mad, wild sex. Basically, you will have to lean forward on the corner of a table. Since you will be held against the table, your guy will be able to thrust as much as he wants without the fear of you moving forward uncontrollably. As he will be standing, it will be easier for him to thrust against you the way he wants to (with as much force as he wants and you're comfortable with).

5. The Jockey

This is a really nice position that can make for some pretty intense feelings of pleasure. The best part about this position is the fact that although it gives you that "I'm dominated" feeling that many women really enjoy, it can also be sensual and romantic. There is a huge amount of skin-on-skin contact. It's also perfect if you enjoy your man whispering in your ear. Basically, you will have to lie down on your belly with your legs straight and together. If you like, you can stick your butt in the air, but you don't have to. Your man will then enter you.

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