7 Tips For How To Lose Your Virginity (And Have The PERFECT First Time)

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Losing your virginity can be a delicate subject, but it varies from person to person.

Some wait until they get married, others go with what their body tells them, while others do it just for the heck of it. Losing your virginity is not matter of when, it is more a matter of how. So you're obviously wondering, how do you lose your virginity? 

For some people, losing their virginity is a big deal. This is why a perfect setting, making it with the perfect person, matters very much for them.


These things are not always that realistic but that doesn't mean you can't make it pleasurable. After all, it is at least one person’s first time. It would be too bad for him/her to be disappointed or scared about it.

The elements that matter the most when losing your virginity are — protection, partner, health. It should not be at all painful, unless, of course, your man is secretly packing a python down there.

If you're nervous or need a little guidance, here are 7 things you need to do in preparation for losing it.

1. Go To The Drugstore


Having the proper tools can help you make this moment more beautiful and put your mind at ease. This is exactly what I teach in the Bad Girl's Bible newsletter (along with a lot of other kinky sex advice!). Protection is essential, as you don't want to contact any disease or appear on Teen Mom.

This means getting condoms — Yep. Don't rely on the guy to always have them for you. The reason for using condoms is twofold and pretty simple. You never know what infections he might have contacted, even if some aren't from sexual activities. So staying safe from infections is obviously going to be key.

The other reason is so that you reduce the risk of pregnancy. Condoms are not 100% effective, but they are much better than the pull out method. If you think you might just need some lube, then get some. Go for silicone or water based lubricants, as the oil ones will tear the condoms. 

2. Learn About Your Anatomy


Most important to know when losing your virginity is that every girl has a hymen. And if you want to know about how to lose your virginity, it is essential to know what the hymen does.

Adolescent girls have partially destroyed hymens. Sports, menstruation and even normal movement cause the hymen to tear. The sexual penetration is the process that causes the hymen to tear forever. The bleeding after losing your virginity shows your hymen is no longer there.

Therefore, don't panic when you see blood after you have had your first sexual encounter. It looks just like menstruation and it is perfectly normal. Expect it.

3. Discuss Things With Your Partner


If your boyfriend/partner doesn't seem that into it and he doesn't stand beside you when you are worrying about losing your virginity, it might be cause to think twice. He might not be the partner for you.

He should take your feelings and worries into consideration. Before being your sexual partner, he needs to be your friend and boyfriend, someone you can trust to look after you.

4. Advantageous Positions For Virgins


If you can help your partner ease into you at the correct angle, you'll avoid some potentially painful fumbling. Your vagina isn't built perfectly straight, so finding an angle of penetration is going to make more pleasurable instead of painful.

A trick some girls use is to remember how they insert their tampons and remember how they position their body when inserting them for maximum comfort.

You should try to recreate an angle similar to this when your man is penetrating you to make it more comfortable, whether it's doggy style, missionary or even standing up.

5. Think About A Location Where No One Will Bother You


Being paranoid about getting caught in the act is not that big of a turn on for most people. So rather than risking it in your car or somewhere else that you may get caught, try to plan ahead by finding either a hotel room or by making sure no one is at home.

6. Foreplay Is Your Friend


Rather than just jumping straight into having vaginal sex you should make sure to have lots of foreplay first.

This will help to loosen you up... as in physically help to loosen your vagina so that it's easier to take your man inside you without discomfort. It will also help to make you wetter for him.

7. Communicate During Sex


You can have a terrible time losing your virginity if you don't communicate properly with your man during sex. If he doesn't know that he's hurting you, then there's no reason for him to stop.

So, even if you feel shy or timid, you need to let him know if you are enjoying yourself or if you need him to slow down or if you want him to stop altogether.

And that's all there is to learning how to lose your virginity.

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