5 Dirty Talking Tips That Won't Make You Feel Like An Awkward Perv

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foreplay dirty talk

The following dirty talking tips will help you to turn your man on, build sexual tension, massage his ego and keep him thinking about you. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to say anything that weird or "out there" when talking dirty to have the desired effect.

1. Don't overdo it.

The most important dirty talking tip to keep in mind is that talking dirty to your man should be used like a spice when cooking. Just like a spice adds flavor to the dishes you cook, dirty talk should be used as something to add flavor to your relationship and sex life.

Now, if you use too much of a spice when cooking, it will ruin the dish. The same is true when talking dirty to your boyfriend. If you talk dirty to him too much or too often, it will get boring and can even ruin your relationship. Instead, you should use it sparingly to add excitement and fun to your relationship. This way, it will be exciting and unexpected for your man every time you do it.

2. Keep it subtle.

Explicit, nasty, sexy dirty talk is great in the bedroom, as it will turn your man on and it can make sex much more fun. But you'll find that if you are very subtle when talking dirty to your man, it will have a really strong effect on him, which is perfect for creating sexual tension and keeping him constantly thinking about you.

In fact, being subtle can actually be more powerful than being explicit. The other really cool thing is that you can do it practically anywhere: at a party, while hanging out with friends, while in class, at work or even in bed.

Here are three examples you should try using:

  • "If I didn't have to leave, we would be doing some really naughty things together."
  • "There is something about what you're wearing that is really hot, but I just can't put my finger on it..."
  • "I wish these other people weren't around... I've got some really fun things I want to do to you."

Notice how these are quite subtle. They could be interpreted in a number of ways, which is perfect for keeping you on your man's brain and keeping him wondering about what you meant by them. You'll also find that they are more powerful when whispered in his ear.

3. Keep it nasty in bed.

When you are in bed, your main aim is to turn your man on and make sex hotter. To quickly turn your man on and make sex hot for both of you, you need to be quite explicit and sexy in what you say to your man. You'll notice that the following three examples are exactly that:

  • "You feel so good inside me."
  • "Keep pounding me like that, it feels so good."
  • "Yes baby, you're going to make me cum."

All of these examples will show your man that you are caught up in the moment while turning him on and massaging his ego at the same time. You may find that you feel nervous or awkward when using these lines on your man as they are quite explicit. If you do, then you'll find it easier to just hum or sigh instead: "Hmmmmmm," "Yeaaaahhhh," Goooooddddddddd," or "Ohhhhhhhhh."

4. Stay comfortable.

I can't emphasise this enough. If you feel weird or awkward when using explicit dirty talk, then don't feel like you have to use it. The same goes for any type of dirty talk. If you don't feel comfortable using it, then it will most likely sound weird when you say it. And to be perfectly honest, there is literally nothing worse than awkwardly trying to talk dirty to your guy.

5. Read erotica.

One of the easiest tips to implement is to read erotica. It has a really fantastic ability to expand your dirty talking repertoire, as it will give you so many different ideas for situations, roleplays and actual lines that you can use on your man. So even if the idea of Fifty Shades of Grey repulses you, it can still be really helpful for your sex life.