The Top 5 Places To Have The Best Sex Of Your Life

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Let's face it: sex can get boring, especially if you have slipped into a routine with your boo. While you can spend all day and night learning positions and techniques to change things up, a much quicker solution is to just change location. So with that in mind, I have put together this list of the 5 best places to have sex with your man.

Living Room

If you want to spice things up, the living room is one of the most obvious, but still best places to have sex. Your man can bend you over the couch or a table, or if you both want something a little more intimate, the couch is a perfect choice. Your man can just sit down on the couch while you straddle him. If you want something even more intimate, try spooning each other on the couch. A really nice part of spooning is that you can watch TV (or even porn) while doing so.

Your Car

Having sex in your car is a more out-of-the-ordinary place to get busy, although it obviously means there are going to be more constraints than before. While it is very easy to give your man a blow job when you're both in the car together, it's much harder for him to go down on you.

Additionally, there are going to be some set backs when it comes to choosing sex positions. Missionary is not the easiest. Instead, try lowering one or both of the seats and having your man lie down on his back so you can straddle him and ride him cowgirl style.

A completely different way to have sex in the car is for your man to first pull both front seats as far forward as possible, making more room available in the backseat of the car. Next, have him sit down, with you sitting down on top of him, facing in the same direction. You can also try straddling him and face him if you aren't too tall.

An often overlooked issue with car sex is making sure that you can both get down to it quickly. So, you'll find that wearing a skirt can help immensely, and for your man to wear something easy to take off, like sweatpants.

Kitchen/Laundry Room

I really believe that the kitchen or laundry room can be one of the best places to have sex for a few different reasons. Firstly, it conjures up the old stereotypes of where "a woman's place" is. Obviously, stereotypes are a terrible thing in everyday life, but they can be incredible if they help you and your man get off.

If you really want to incorporate stereotypes into sexy time with the fullest effect possible, you can even try dressing the part in a skirt and heels waiting for your man "to come home from work." On top of this, many people keep their washing machine and dryer in or near the kitchen, which can add some extra vibrations if you can manage to have sex on top of it.

Going Public (Or Semi Public)

The first thing I have to say about public sex is don't do it if you're breaking the law; it's just not worth it. But, if you can do it in a place or way that is legal, then it can be the best place you've ever had sex. If you can find a secluded beach, or somewhere breathtaking in the wilderness that you must hike to, then you can have some really gratifying, exhilarating sex with your man. Bringing a towel or blanket and some condoms, and you're good to go.

Hotel Room

A hotel room doesn't exactly sound like the best place to have sex, right? Hear me out. If you are swamped with work commitments, looking after kids, or something else, then you may want to go somewhere to get away from it all and quit worrying. It would be great to be in a place where you don't even have to worry about tidying up after yourself.

Hotels can be great for giving your sex life a little shot of fun and excitement. You can drop $100 on a room for the night and not have to worry about kids walking in on you, or having to make your bed in the morning. You can leave it in a complete mess.

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