7 Fail-Safe Ways To Make Sure His Friends Absolutely LOVE You

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Is there a certain special someone you really like or are you dating a new boyfriend, but he hasn't introduced you to his friends? At some point you’re going to have to win them over — but fret not! Once you get that invite to come meet the men in his life, use the steps below to boost your confidence and prepare for the big meet:

1. Say YES to an invitation.

It’s crucial to show up. Don’t turn down an invitation just because you’re nervous that his friends may swallow you whole (just kidding!) If you like your guy, then his friends will typically be a reflection of him, so give them a chance to show you that they aren’t all that bad.

2. Stick to the BASICS.

Limit your introduction with straightforward details — it’s not a job interview, so you don’t have to show off just yet. Keep things simple and don’t over-share details about yourself.

3. Bring along TREATS.

If you can bake or cook, the guys will LOVE you! Everyone knows that dudes love food, so make sure it’s delish and you’ll wiggle your way into their circle (and their bellies!)


Guys love a good conversation, just make sure if you get into a particularly opinionated conversation, you keep things light and respect everyone’s point of view. You want to make sure that you don’t argue your way back out of his circle.

5. Be INTO your date.

Show his friends that you know you’re lucky to have your guy, but limit yourself to simple gestures and unflinching endearments. And definitely say NO to lots of PDA — you don’t want to come off as looking clingy.

6. DON’T analyze too much.

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Stop over thinking! Relax and be appreciative that they are letting you hang out with the guys. It’s not always easy to get your way into the group, so sit back and let it happen.

7. Finally, HAVE FUN.

Let loose, and just enjoy the moment. Observe how his friends act and you might just become a pro the next time you get together with them.

Finally feeling confident? It will mean a lot to your guy if you try your best to get along with his buds — because, like it or not, they are here to stay. So put on your smile, slap on some lipstick and show them that you’re the best, coolest girlfriend ever.