8 Freaking AWESOME Reasons Being Single During The Holidays ROCKS

Just pocket that present money!

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You’re single and it feels like everyone in the entire world is out doing "couple things", like ice-skating, decorating trees and sugar cookies, and spending the holidays cuddled up in the arms of their significant other. It’s like a knife to the chest!

But you know what? You shouldn't have to feel pressured to be in a relationship just because it’s the holidays.

Rather than moping around your apartment alone in your ugly Christmas sweater, listening to “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey on repeat and crashing hard after your candy cane high, what if you spend this holiday season with a more positive mindset?


It’s time to reframe your sullen single-dom and bask in the glory of the benefits of what it means to be unattached during the holidays! 

Here are 8 freakin' awesome reasons why it's not so terrible to be going this season solo:

1. You don’t have to pretend to like the gift he picked out

No matter how close you are with a loved one, there's a good chance that they're going to get you something you'll hate. Being single means you dodge that bullet this year.

2. You don’t have to feel obligated to go to his PAINFULLY awkward company party

Work parties are bad to begin with, and going to one where you don't know anyone makes it a lot worse. Without an SO, this is a lot less likely to happen.


3. You don’t have to stress out about meeting the parents

You don’t have to pretend to like his parents when they actually drive you NUTS. Huge relief.

4. You have more money in your pocket to spend on yourself

Instead of spending big bucks on someone who may breakup with you after the holidays anyway, take that money and get yourself something YOU want. Because, why NOT?

5. You can be on your OWN schedule

Do what you want, when you want — treat yo' self! Indulge in self-care time (hello, spa day!) and go to visit your parents and your friends whenever you want. No need to ask what anyone else is planning.

6. You get to spend quality time with your friends


Instead of splitting your time and being forced to socialize with people you don’t really like, go have fun with your best friends. Grab fruity holiday drinks at the bar, have a bonfire. Do whatever you want.

7. You can attend one of the fun, themed singles parties

Now's your chance ... flirt it up and get your grove on! When else in your life will you be able to do this again? Plus, it'll give you a chance to see that you aren't the ONLY single person out there during the holidays.

8. Take the opportunity to be alone now — before it's too late

This is temporary, so enjoy it while you can — tune into your own needs. The rest of your life you’ll be putting someone else’s needs first, so it’s OK to be a little selfish.


If you’re still feeling down about your love life (or lack thereof), try incorporating gratitude into your life.  In addition to the other wonderful benefits, gratitude has been shown to decrease depression and increase happiness.

Make it a point to express gratitude for something specific you appreciate each day — if it's about a social interaction, you’ll reap even more benefits from this exercise. Try keeping a gratitude journal, or text it to a friend.

Lastly, say YES to social invitations, which will increase your opportunity to meet other great, hopefully single, people. Worst-case is that there are no sparks, but you make new friends. Now pull yourself together and rock out to the potential of doing the holidays your (single and fabulous) way!


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