3 Mistakes You Might Be Making In Manifesting Love

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Are you having a hard time manifesting love in your life?

So many people want to find love but sabotage themselves without even realizing it. Thus, they keep attracting the wrong people for them.

Our choices and actions put out what we attract back. So mentally, you may really want to find love. But at the same time, if you're doing actions that attract the opposite, you're only sabotaging yourself when it comes to finding love.

Where are you going wrong in manifesting love?

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Here are 3 mistakes you might be making when you're manifesting love in your life.

1. You aren't really ready.

You may think you're ready and really want love, but deep down, you're not ready. Perhaps you're scared of being hurt. Your fear keeps your walls up.

Those walls may protect you from getting hurt, but they also block out love.

You need to fully process and let go of anything that's holding you back from the past. Free yourself and create a clean slate, so you can attract someone that's right for you.

You can't punish a new partner for what an old partner did without attracting that same situation again.

So, keep that in mind and let it go. Or else you're only keeping yourself in that negative situation over and over again with new people.

If you have those walls up, you will only attract the same kind of issue that hurt you in the first place. Those walls will cause you to attract another person that treats you the same way as the past partner that hurt you — it becomes a vicious cycle.

Those walls can also attract a partner that also has walls up, too, who might not be able to fully love you. So, work on those walls to make sure you're ready to attract a real love this time and not more hurt!

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2. You haven't let go of a past love.

If you haven't fully let go of a past love, you're not allowing love to come to you. The energetic signal you put out into the world will say that you are already taken.

When this happens, you can never be fully open to a new love. Instead, you will usually attract someone who's not fully available in some way and can't be what you need.

Work on letting go of any past loves. That only holds you back in the past. You want to focus on your now and your future.

Let go so you can let in someone better for you. That past love didn't work for a reason, so don't let it hold you back any longer.

You must let go to find the right person for you. Free yourself to move forward to happiness!

3. You're not treating yourself right.

If you're not treating yourself right, you can only attract someone who treats you wrong, as well. How you treat yourself reflects who you attract.

So, look closely at how you're treating yourself.

Are you neglecting yourself or your health? Are you talking down to or about yourself? Are you putting yourself on hold for others? Are you letting yourself down?

How you treat yourself will decide who you attract. Your true love wouldn't hurt you — and you can't attract them if you are hurting yourself in some way.

When you are in that vibration, you can't match to love. You will only attract more hurt.

Treat yourself like gold, so you can attract real love this time!

Look at the choices you are making and work towards changing them to match up with attracting love instead of more hurt.

If you make the same choices, you will always attract the same situations over and over, just with a new person. So, make some changes and finally be ready to attract something real!

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