55 Is The New 40: Ten Ways To Look And Feel Younger

Have you ever heard the expression, "Age is just a number?" Although it's obviously impossible to reverse the aging process, many people can agree that they occasionally feel older or younger than their defined calendar age. Believe it or not, an increasing number of studies and reports are showing that individuals can drastically improve their physical, emotional and mental health, restoring energy, mood and general emotional well-being to the time before the stresses and responsibilities of work and family life took over.

As founder of, a site dedicated to uncovering supplement scams and providing honest reviews about nutritional and dietary supplements, I've learned that age is not mutually exclusive to having health problems and looking old. Implementing healthy lifestyle habits can go a long way in ensuring you feel good and look good well into your golden years.

Here are a few ideas for simple lifestyle adjustments that can help ensure you stay feeling and looking young for the foreseeable future.

1: Diet Really Is Everything
Don't let another day go by opting out of fruits and vegetables for quick, fast-food meals. We've been told since we were children that a healthy diet can make all the difference, but the science behind this is even more impressive. It is has been shown that a balanced diet can result in an improved hormonal equilibrium, better sleep, weight loss and overall improved physical health, among other positive benefits. It might take a few minutes to prepare a simple dinner of healthy ingredients, but isn't it worth the time investment? We think so.

2: Take Time Out
Work duties can quickly become an all-consuming lifestyle. That being said, the disadvantages of this level of dedication often include increased stress levels, which quickly can result in a hormonal imbalance leading to sleep loss, depression and reduced vigor. By taking a few minutes each day to relax and enjoy one's self, even if it happens after work, adults can ensure that they remain in control of their bodies.

3: Get More Sleep
No matter what your workaholic friends tell you, sleep is absolutely necessary in order to maintain energy levels and a youthful verve. The negative results of prolonged sleep deprivation can prove to be significant in adults of all ages.

4: Less Time In The Office Chair
Experts recommend that individuals pull themselves out of their office chairs for at least a few minutes every hour to keep circulation levels in check. Not only will this reduce the threat of blood clots, but it will help maintain energy levels in adults, allowing them to remain active and optimistic.

5: Less Responsibility
Although many of our duties in life are very real, others are created by our innate desire to feel “in charge.” Many adults heap ever-increasing levels of stress on themselves due to their uncontrollable urge to constantly expand their to-do list. This type of negative energy can quickly age individuals.

6: Supplements Are Your Friend
No matter what meals we prepare for ourselves, the chances are good that we're going to miss a few powerful ingredients along the way. Nutritional supplements can prove to be extremely beneficial for individuals hoping to ensure that they are receiving the ideal quantities of vitamins and minerals, two factors that can significantly improve overall appearance levels.

Don't know where to start? A number of sites, including, have set out to provide helpful resources about popular supplements and debunk supplement myths.

7: More Socializing
We often tend to let ourselves go when outside the presence of other people. By maintaining an active social life, individuals will be more likely to check their appearance and make improvements, when necessary. Socializing also tends to put people in a good mood and can also serve to keep the brain sharp.

If you're a single senior, staying in the dating pool or jumping back in the dating pool can also keep you youthful.

8: Reward Yourself
As it's common knowledge that our mood affects our appearance, it seems reasonable to assume that individuals who reward themselves for small achievements will be happier and thus, appear younger. Don't let yourself forget how great of a person you really are. Little treats and indulgences can help you stay focused and living in the moment.

9: Exercise
An oldie but goodie, the popular advice to exercise more has been proven accurate and effective by numerous individuals from all walks of life. Taking time to play a casual sport or simply walk around the block can dramatically improve the appearance of both men and women.

10: Find Your Confidence
Although all of these tips can definitely improve an individual's appearance and help them look younger, it takes a certain level of confidence to embark on the road to improvement. Positive affirmations, meditation and small positive changes can go a long way in restoring the confidence you had when you were younger. Have faith in yourself, and allow yourself to embrace small life changes as an investment towards a happier, younger looking you!