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About Rick Clemons

Hey there! If you're reading this, that means you've probably gotten curious about who Rick Clemons is and want to know a little bit more about the clients I work with and what I do. That's cool and I'm glad you're checking me out. You might even be interested in my book - Frankly My Dear I'm Gay,  A Late Bloomers Guide To Coming Out!

For starters, I love people and helping them get the most out of their lives. I don't care if your gay, straight, or somewhere in between. All that matters to me is that you're happy, authentic, and totally comfortable in your own skin. Getting that raw and comfortable with yourself in my world means coming out, cutting loose, and not being afraid to be who you are in any situation - regardless of whether your gay or straight!

It took my own "coming out of the closet" experience for me to gain the confidence I needed to pursue my passion and live with purpose. Now, I'm excited, most mornings (yes, I human so not every morning) to wake up and doing exactly what I love - challenging and inspiring people to come out and be their real self. True, my calling cards are as The Gay Man's Life Coach and The Coming Out Coach. But don't let that keep you away! I work with people from all walks of life...yes even heterosexuals!

To me there's nothing like the thrill of helping someone

  • Find their passion and purpose for living
  • Step into deeper, more intimate relationships with themselves and others
  • Build confidence and be more authentic

I love the challenge of your challenge, and I'll stand right beside you working just as hard as you're willing to work to achieve whatever your little heart desires! I mean that, and it's not just fluff. I want to be there for you when you're...

  • Ready to "come out" with as little stress as possible
  • Tired of being a wall flower and need more confidence
  • Confused by the "coming out" journey and need clarity
  • Exhausted by just doing life and want to be in life
  • Not sure how to be you in your new skin

There's more I could say, but you came here to figure out Your Tango which translates to living a happier life. So let's Tango. You! Me! Your challenges! Your goals! It's never to late to learn to dance your best life.

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