What’s Pride Got To Do With It?

There's more to gay pride than meets the eye, so this June "let freedom ring!"

What’s Pride Got To Do With It? weheartit

It’s June. The fresh scent of frenzied brides and grooms wafts through the air and the naked truth of gay pride events running down streets across the globe have conservatives crying, “Why can’t we have a Straight Pride Parade?”

All this activity simply signals the kick off summer and it also means that gay sites – you know those dating ones – are being hit harder than a Half-Off Sale at MAC, for drag queens only!  


Yet, let us not lose sight of one really awesome reason to celebrate Gay Pride and wedding season this year.

Tis' the eve of the U.S. Supreme Court considering the same issues that just 10 years ago, came under fire, as Massachusetts became the first state to legalize gay marriage. Now, our poor, sweet, black robe clad Supreme Court justices are sweating out their decision in the heat of the summer. Guess they now know how our gay sisters feel trying to find lesbian dating sites that can lead them to true love.

All kidding aside, it truly is a momentous time for those of us celebrating gay pride and watching more and more of our gay brothers and sisters tie the knot.


I’d like to say the easy part is … but there is no easy part when it comes to gay dating, finding gay sites where love can, truly, be unhatched, nor bringing equality to life. All of these things take perseverance, determination, desire, and the ability to always be flexible … and I’m not talking about in the bedroom.


Let’s start with the gay marriage piece, which to me is just one of the cornerstones of celebrating Gay Pride in 2015.

For some, this fight seems to only have been headline news for the last decade. Thanks to the fine people of Massachusetts, gay marriage became a focal point, but the fight had been waging for many more years prior to that. In fact, couples such as Richard Adams and Tony Sullivan, showcased in the newly released and highly acclaimed documentary, Limited Partnership, have been fighting the gay marriage battle since the ‘70s. Prior to Richard and Tony, Jack Baker and Michael McConnell pulled their own form of Houdiniesque tricks that landed them a marriage license in a rural county of Minnesota in 1971.

Of course, in both these cases, Supreme Court decisions denied the men of any legal recognition of their marriages. However, it’s because of these, and many other pioneers, the push for marriage equality has become constitutional law in countries across the globe – Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, Canada, South Africa, Portugal, Spain, France, Luxemborg, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, and New Zealand. Of course, with baited, rainbow colored breath, gay and lesbian U.S. citizens are awaiting the decision by SCOTUS.


Some may ask, why is this so important now?

It’s not about flooding lesbian dating sites with more compatible matches for the gurls to swoon over. Nor is it about sending the planet into a hell bound tailspin, as some would like have us believe. It’s simply about allowing people, living breathing humans, to pursue what they desire – companionship and love.

In fact, Oprah’s newest prodigy, and one cool heterosexual man of God, Rob Bell, stated it very simply in his Super Soul Sunday Valentines Day interview with Ms. O, "One of the oldest aches in the bones of humanity is loneliness," Rob Bell said. "Loneliness is not good for the world. Whoever you are, gay or straight, it is totally normal, natural and healthy to want someone to go through life with. It's central to our humanity. We want someone to go on the journey with." Amen brother and you get us!

Thus the reason, that celebrating Gay Pride is worth the $20 admission, or getting out in the hot sun to watch the parade this year. Take a break from perusing your gay sites trying to find Mr. or Mrs. Right, and let yourself step away from sending 6 letter salutations, “Was sup?” to do the thing that continues to send the message, “We’re here, we’re queer, and we ain’t going away!”


Happiness and pride is a human right.

We all deserve it, and have the inalienable right to stand up for what we believe in and desire. Yes, even the conservatives that don’t believe that gay marriage is worthy of constitutionalizing -- not under the stars and stripes of this country. Yet, when we step back into history, less than 50-years ago, our beautiful country that stretches from sea to shining sea was fighting a similar fight, with a similar foe that was born this way!


Our African-American brothers and sisters not to long ago, and even today in some less than open-minded areas of our country and world, fought for the right to vote and be treated as humans, simply over the color of their skin -- the skin that they were born with as they entered the planet. It’s the same fight and the same type of skin that holds me, a gay man together in my human form. The same skin that my lesbian sisters dwell within as they seek rich relationships with other women on lesbian dating sites, like eHarmony’s Compatible Partners. The same skin that much like our African-American brothers and sisters, cries out receive equal treatment.


As June sets in and the wafting smell of ocean breezes, pine tree scented hikes, and hot dogs grilling over charcoal flames tantalize your nostrils, let’s never forget that tis’ always the season for equality, pride, and love!  Happy Pride … for all humanity!

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