Perez Hilton Showers Naked With His Son — And I Applaud His Selfie

Dear People of the Internet ... get the hell over yourself!

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I’m not usually a pop culture follower. I honestly don’t give an "OMG, did you hear…" shit who’s getting married, divorced, having sex, not having sex, etc. To each their own! 

Yet I have to say, this latest peek-a-boo inside a "celebrity’s" private life, even though it was self-promoted, is just frickin’ ridiculous

Before you know it we’ll have another Kim Davis crying about how Perez Hilton’s innocent shower selfie with his son is somehow infringing on someone else’s personal rights.


However, in all fairness, Hilton did post this on his blog, so the moment he pressed the submit button, the photo became fair game for the nameless lurkers to comment on, even though they don’t have the cojones to use their real names.

All that aside, this infringement on personal rights and commentary that seems to have become the latest norm in "your posted photos now become my reality TV to hate on" is getting out of control. 

Thanks to the Kardashians, Duggars, Honey Boo Boo, and all the rest of the reality TV show stars for changing the fabric of personal space. Now it’s apparently everyone’s business to comment on innocent photos of families just being families, while allowing the "holier than thou" to rule the world.


To those who judge what someone does in the privacy of their own home, with their own camera, to capture the precious moments of "We Are Family" (sang to the ever popular disco beat of the Sister Sledge), I say, "Get over yourself!"

Here are 5 things Perez Hilton did so fantastically right by sharing himself and his son with the world in a shower selfie: 

1. He celebrated a 'Proud Papa' moment

He’s proved that gay fathers, like other fathers, are silly, fun-loving, in-the-moment parents just like the rest of the parent kingdom — proud and not afraid to show what real love for a child looks like!

2. He modeled no guilt, no shame

One of the most crippling diseases running rampant throughout society is body shame syndrome! Bless you, bless you, bless you, Perez ... for allowing your son to see you in your natural state of humanness — partially naked in your human form, no guilt or shame. 


3. He inspired fun, fun, fun

Nothing says fun like a child’s smile when a parent gives permission for silliness to run rampant. That being said, it then begs the question: When did having fun become a judgment point or a crime? 

The moment FUN becomes filtered, through the lens of a camera, to appease the public’s opinion, then, true childlike innocence and fun is dead and gone … lost for all of us. 

4. He reminded us that gay people are not pedophiles

The outright pervy innuendos some critics threw at Hilton because of this selfie are down right infuriating.

I’m sorry, how many snapshots through the ages exist of kids running around naked in backyards during hot summers, pants dropped enjoying their first "poo-poo" on the potty, or naked bathtub fun with tons of bubbles? Yet because Hilton is a gay man, this photo was "inappropriate?" 


What’s inappropriate is the assumption that all gay men are pedophiles. Shame, shame, shame. Now that’s the kind of thought where shame does belong!

5. He proved that LOVE conquers all

As trite as it might sound, the smiles on both Perez and his son’s face say one thing — LOVE! It’s an emotion that evokes care, compassion, and connection. (And provokes fear in those whose lives lack it.) 

This photo was simply a father having fun with his son. A father who loves being a dad and captured a happy family moment so his 2-year-old son can remember it later in life. 


It’s an ironic shame that we as a society have latched onto a mentality of, "How does this person impact my life, my values, my being?" When, in reality, the majority of the timemthe other person has no direct bearing on you or me whatsoever.

Every piece of content on the internet isn't about you! 

What’s even more ironic is how we’ve allowed others to infringe on a person's rights as the playground of morality, even if they are in the privacy of one’s own home.

Now we should all be paranoid about the pictures we capture in our own homes? Or the lives we share with the world? I guess so. But it's sad. It simply proves that the morality patrol can find fault with anything, any time, anywhere ...  even in the simple, happy joy shared between a loving dad and his son captured in a super silly shower selfie.