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Is This Keeping You From Attracting A Financially Successful Man?

Is This Keeping You From Attracting A Financially Successful Man?

Not meeting financially successful men? You may be suffering from a "complex" that keeps repels successful, financially stable men.

Here goes...

FAUX GOLD DIGGER GUILT – It's when women who are independent, success-minded and ambitious who have a “guilt complex” about dating wealthy men. They don’t want others to think they are with a man for his money.

I’ve never had a problem dating men who had several zeros more in the bank than I did. and I didn’t think other successful women did either.

While your success and money can be duplicated – you, my dear, cannot.

This is where your true assets lie. You’ve got to think this way to attract quality men in the first place. You are smart, successful and independent.

You buy what you want and have been taking care of yourself for years. You’re no Sugar baby dating a grumpy 83-year-old Daddy Warbucks!

I once dated a man who owned several large companies. One day, I stumbled across a magazine that did a story on him and one of his companies. It turns out this particular company was in the top 5 manufacturers that supplied pre-fabricated furniture to IKEA, bringing in tens of millions of Euros in revenue a year.

Okay, so his bank account could eat mine for breakfast. Did I feel like a gold digger? Did I feel inferior in any way? Not even for a nanosecond!

Diagnosed with an acute case of faux gold digger guilt?

No worries! Listen carefully.

If you meet a man who is brilliant, wants to live the same lifestyle you do, is physically attractive and you really like him, BUT you feel self-conscious about what others my think because he just happens to be a billionaire, here’s my advice…


How rude of me to tell you that, but seriously, think about the women who will spend the rest of this year alone – and quite possibly the next 10.

Think about the successful woman who struggles to find a great guy who makes as much as she does because she's tired of men eventually feeling uncomfortable with her wealth. Be grateful you don’t have to.

With love and in service,


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