Woman Responds To Men Who Claim 'All Women Are Gold Diggers' — 'I Guess Most Of Us Are Just Really Bad At It'

If women are gold diggers, why do most women also work full time?

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A woman named Anna Kai, whose TikTok bio announces her presence as “your internet hype woman,” had a message for the misogynists of the world and one particular accusation they make toward women.

The woman responded to men who believe that 'all women are gold diggers.'

Kai delivered her empowering monologue while getting dressed in a gorgeous outfit, showing how women are absolute masters at doing two things at once. In her TikTok post, she clapped back against the claim some men make that “women just want to marry men for their money and then divorce them for half of everything they have.”




She cut that argument off at the knees, stating, “Every woman I know wanted to get married for love and kept working after marriage and then went back to work after popping kiddos out.”

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Kai also touched on the imbalance in parenting labor that’s often seen in heterosexual marriages, commenting on how most of the time, it's the working moms who are the ones in charge of wrangling their children. She brought up the inherent unfairness of how society views dads compared to how they view moms, saying, “Anytime dad has to watch the kids and keep them alive for five seconds so that mom can go to the bathroom or eat or I don’t know, breathe, it’s like, 'Oh my god, look at the dad parenting his own children!'” 

Kai offered an announcement to the men who weaponize feminism in their own favor, explaining that “feminism wasn’t created so that you could go tell your wife to work full time while also expecting her to parent full time in the name of equality.”

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Kai shut down men who believe women are gold diggers, explaining how much unpaid labor women do to maintain a household while also working full time. She called out feminism being leveraged to put pressure on women to do it all, while working full time and being in charge of the majority of childcare and housework. 

The Pew Research Center notes that incomes in straight, married households have evened out in recent years.

They found that both partners earned around the same amount in 29% of marriages. Yet the study cited also recognized the stark differences in how men and women spend their time when they’re not working. Women carry a heavier load of household and caregiving responsibilities, while men spend more time on leisure activities.

Kai countered the claim that women are gold diggers by asking exactly what men’s contributions to their families are.

This question is aimed at men whose “family depends on your wife’s income to maintain your standard of living but you also expect her to be the primary caregiver and then do everything for the house.

“But sure Chad, all women are gold diggers,” she said, clapping back at an imaginary misogynist. “I guess most of us are just really bad at it.”


She snapped her lipstick tube shut and dropped it, as women everywhere applauded just how clearly she revealed the truth. Kai’s spot-on monologue highlighted that no matter how far we’ve come, we still have miles left to go when it comes to equality in household labor. 

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