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8 Ways To Survive Heartbreak And Make The Most Out Of A Devastating Breakup

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How To Survive A Breakup And Use Your Broken Heart To Build Self-Esteem

Figuring out how to get survive a breakup is difficult, but it is possible to heal a broken heart — and build your self-esteem so you can feel like a stronger version of yourself on the other side.

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When you're heartbroken, it can feel like the end of everything. Learning how to get over someone, especially if you still love them, is painful.

But, even though dealing with a breakup is rough, there are 7 ways to make the most of it and get yourself to the other side of it quicker.

1. Be kind to yourself

First of all, this is a time to really nurture and take care of yourself. Don't push yourself. Don't beat yourself up about anything from the past. Take this time to focus on you and take care of yourself. Be gentle and kind to yourself.

Emotional pain is just as real as physical pain so give yourself the same aftercare you would if you were injured. Beating yourself up will only re-injure that wound and open it back up so it can't heal.

If you don't treat yourself well while you're figuring how to deal with a breakup, you will only attract others that won't treat you well. You are worthy and deserving of only the best, treat yourself accordingly!

2. Let it out

Getting over a breakup involves getting in touch with deep emotions. So, let those emotions out — don't keep them in. It's so important to really feel the pain and sadness and release it.

Yes, it's hard but it's so important. If you don't feel it, it will stay inside you and cause you emotional and physical issues in the future.

So let it out! Cry or scream or whatever you need to do but feel it and let it out! If it stays inside it will only get worse. Let it out so it doesn't have power over you anymore then you can move forward.

3. Look for the lessons

In every relationship, there are lessons that are gifts we take with us forever and use in future relationships. Lessons will continue to be repeated over and over until we learn them.

If you want things to be different in your next relationship, really take time to focus on what you learned from that relationship and what changes you can make in the future so it doesn't repeat again.

4. Look at who you are currently attracting and who you want to attract

The actions and choices we make in our lives directly affect who we attract into our lives.

If you are attracting those that neglect you look at what ways you are neglecting yourself and make changes. Are you attracting those that aren't serious? If so, look at what in your life you're not taking seriously enough or aren't committed to.

Whatever you are attracting that you don't want, look inside you for where you are making those same kinds of choices. Changing up the choices you are making especially towards yourself will help you to attract what you do want instead.

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5. Add more of what you do want in your life

If you want more love in your life, work on loving yourself more so you will attract that. If you want more fun in your life, find ways to add more fun things that you love.

The energy of fun and playfulness attracts love. Purposely add more of what you want into your life so you can attract more of it!

6. Trust that there is a bigger reason

Trust that there is a better reason and things will work out for the best. At the moment, dealing with heartbreak can seem so devastating but there is a bigger plan and if that person isn't best for you, it's important for that relationship to end so someone better for you can come.

If that person is really right, then the breakup is for learning a lesson for either one of you or both of you. If it is right, the relationship will come back together.

Be true to yourself and focus on yourself and what you want outside of the relationship. Changing your focus to you will help and if it is right that person will naturally come back.

7. Work on what you want

The more you work on creating what you want in your own life, the more you will attract those that are what you want.

So for instance, if you settle for a job you hate, you will attract relationships into your life where you always have to settle.

Really look into all areas of your life and work on areas you aren't happy with. So many people think they don't have a choice but you do.

With new actions, you can start changing what you don't want in your life into what you do want. Your life is like clay, mold it how you want not how someone else wants or says you should.

8. Focus on what and who you do have in your life

Instead of focusing on who you don't have anymore, focus on who and what you do have. Appreciating what you do have helps you to attract more. So enjoy what you do have and know that you will get through this.

Things will get better and once you learn how to deal with heartbreak, all the pain will be worth it when you get to an even better place in your life with the right person for you. You have so much more control than you realize.

If you work on these things, you can get your love life going in the right direction and leave this heartbreak in the past!

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