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Here's Why You Should Feel ZERO Shame Being Naughty In Bed

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Admit it: ever since you were a kid, breaking the rules has been thrilling. Kids love getting away with being a bit naughty, whether that is sneaking an extra cookie or making a potty joke.

This thrill of bending the rules stays with us into adulthood.

Yet there are few places we get to safely break the rules as we gain the responsibilities of being adults. The bedroom is one of the last places to feel naughty, to feel the thrill of taboo.

The techniques needed to have highly orgasmic sex are so easily accessible now, no matter what activities you want to include. We hear from couples who have brought back their marriages from the brink of divorce using our strategies.

Here's the truth: sexual shame is TOXIC.

It ruins your self-esteem and shuts down communication. Shame creates silence, and in that silence people get hurt. Erotic taboos depend on shame.

Only fifty years ago, oral sex was a very taboo subject. No one would admit in public that they enjoyed oral sex.

Now, it's perfectly normal sex act.

Yet other acts, just as natural and pleasurable, are still very much taboo. Men have a hard time admitting they want prostate massage in bed. BDSM and bondage have abnormal stigmas, even in the wake of 50 Shades of Grey's popularity.

We are slowly opening up about these topics, but are far from acknowledging and celebrating the full range of human sexual desires.

We believe it is possible to release shame and fear about your desires and still have the thrills of being naughty.

Once you truly understand that your desires are normal, and master the techniques to create maximum pleasure without hurting your partner, you can inject naughtiness into your erotic play.

You can use dirty talk and roleplaying to create the thrills of being naughty and breaking the rules, while still feeling great about the sex you are having. You can feel dirty in bed, while feeling clean in your head.

So go ahead and harness the erotic thrills of breaking the rules. Meanwhile, take the steps to release erotic shame so you don't get poisoned by the sex negativity that depends on taboos to thrive.

Recognize that your desires are perfectly normal and healthy, and then allow yourself all the naughtiness you please! 

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