Psst! THIS Is The Secret To Longer, Hotter Love-Making

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Arousal occurs when your nervous system wakes up and responds to pleasurable stimulation. You can get aroused in response to physical stimulation or even a pleasurable thought. The bottom line: Your body is designed to create the charge of arousal, and it's ready to generate it at any given moment. No matter how out of practice you feel, you are capable of enjoying HIGH levels of arousal!

Most people think of arousal as the excitement that leads up to orgasm. While it is true that orgasm is experienced as the climax of arousal, orgasms actually—surprisingly!—require a fairly low level of arousal

The difference between a mild orgasm and an intense one is the amount of arousal built up in your body. Most of us settle for fairly low levels of arousal and have sneeze-like orgasms that leave us unsatisfied.
Here is the naked truth: There is no limit to how much arousal you can experience.
Many people approach sex in a rush to get to the finish line, and issues like performance anxiety, body shame and erectile anxiety are the most common arousal inhibitors.

Everyone has their own internal capacity for pleasure, arousal and turn-on—it's a mental idea of what you are capable and worthy of. A lot of people severely limit how much pleasure they allow themselves to feel, and it can be scary to go beyond your comfort zone.

But if you want a better sex life and hot sex, you must focus on expanding your capacity for pleasure. You must challenge any ideas you have that tell you it is "too much" or that you are being "greedy" if you ask for more.

The bottom line is that you are in charge of your own sexual arousal, and while you may not always have time or energy to build up huge levels of arousal, it is good to know how to expand your capacity and build up a bigger charge. You can choose to spend more time building up arousal, and you can learn how to expand your capacity for pleasure.

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