4 Ways To Have Great SOUL Sex (That Goes Waaaay Beyond Your Body)

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Here Are Four Ways To Have Great Soul Sex

Sex is sex and making love is making love.

I make love with my emotions, so it would be very difficult for me to just have sex for the sake of having sex. However, that being said I admire women who can separate sex from love. I appreciate the power, beauty, and passion of Soul Sex.

Soul Sex is when we connect in emotional, sexual, and spiritual intimacy with someone. It's like making love to each other's souls. Making love and intimacy, for me, is sharing my deepest thoughts and feelings with someone — sharing love, passion, laughter, and joy.

True intimacy fills, revives, and heals my soul. I will go for long periods of time without intimacy rather than having sex just for the sake of having sex. I do not mind waiting for Soul Sex.

Seriously, I get "horny" for Soul Sex, not because I need sex, but because all the orgasmic beauty in making love for me comes from touching souls while having Soul Sex.

The main forms of intimacy are emotional intimacy and sexual intimacy. There is also spiritual intimacy. Intimacy can be described as "into me see". When you surrender to intimacy, you are allowing someone to get so close that they can actually see and feel your soul.

Intimacy is a feeling of intense closeness, emotionally and sexually. As we go through life, most people experience heartache and rejection at one time or another. As a result, they develop barriers to their hearts and souls.

Here are 4 ways on how to have intimate sex and surrendering yourself to Soul Sex:

1. Look into each other’s eyes.

When you are making love to your partner, open your eyes and look into their soul. Would you believe that the majority of couples have the lights out or their eyes closed during their most intimate moments? When you allow someone to look into your soul, you allow them to:

  • "see" your soul.
  • "feel" your soul.
  • "touch" your soul.
  • "hear" your soul.
  • "smell" your soul.
  • "taste" your soul.
  • "know" your soul.
  • "excite" your soul.
  • "experience" your soul.
  • "kiss" your soul.
  • "make love" to your soul

2. Wear blindfolds.

Another way to experience soul sex and completely surrender to a partner sexually, emotionally, and spiritually is to blindfold each other while you're making love. 

When you do this, it involves trusting your partner and completely surrendering to each other. It can be a very erotic, passionate, and emotional experience and actually bring you a lot closer to each other.

I've done this and it can be a pretty awesome and freeing experience.

3. Kiss each other A LOT.

Soul Kissing is very important in foreplay and romance. Believe it or not, there are many couples where one person does not like to kiss. I actually know a couple where he has never kissed her and they have been together for well over 20 years. 

My belief is that the person who is afraid to kiss or refuses to kiss has intimacy issues. Kissing is an important part of a relationship. It can help you feel sexually and emotionally alive. It is also an excellent way of connecting on a deeper level.

When you kiss, you are kissing their soul. I've found that on rare occasions, I'm not kissing compatible with someone. When this happens, it's like kissing air. Then I say, "Next!"

4. Express affirmations.

Watch my video on Affirmation For Great Sex below.


This article was originally published at Pink Chick Psychic's Goddess Blog. Reprinted with permission from the author.