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It's Over! Dealing With The End Of A Relationship

When a relationship ends sooner than expected, we go through a period of adjustment and uncertainty. The loss of a love relationship is one of the most grueling emotional experiences a person can go through. Why Do Some Men Disappear After The Third Date?

It's especially grueling when the decision is made by someone else. When that happens, we go over and over in our heads what we could have done differently; we feel sub-standard and grapple with the overwhelming feelings of loss and rejection. There is really no graceful way to deal with this type of emotional pain, but there are several things to do, all of which can help immensely.

People in relationships share a lifestyle with each other. Each couple shares a common language, a schedule of seeing each other, exercise and eating habits, beds, ideas, thoughts and life experiences. Everything about a couple's life is shared. These fused experiences range from the big to the small and everything in-between and, often, couples don't realize how much of each other's lives they share until the relationship ends.

It is in this space where we feel a loss not only of them, but also of the part of us that was with them and living in that fused life. We feel the loss of the habits of talking with this person at certain times, knowing where they are and what they are doing, and of being able to share our feelings, ideas, and habits with. When they are gone we are left with ourselves in all the silence and without the life we had. Everything feels unfamiliar.

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