Why Can't I Stop Thinking About My Ex?

How to get over a painful relationship and move on from an ex.

sad lonely girl misses ex

After a painful breakup, there are plenty of ways to deal with the emotions you're feeling: you can cry them out, distract yourself from them or immediately try to replace them with happy thoughts. But, if it's months later and you still can't seem to shake those sad feelings or memories of your ex, what are you supposed to do?


In this video, Author, Life Coach and YourTango Expert Amy Spencer helps a reader who's been suffering from a painful breakup and just wants to let go of her ex and not hurt anymore. Amy advises that feeling sad after a split is totally normal, and that you should accept and wallow in those feelings for awhile. But, after some time has past, it's important to focus on the positives that have come out of your new situation. 

Watch the video above to see Amy explain why the phrase "The good news is..." can be the magic way to move above and beyond your past relationship.

Amy's new book Bright Side Up: 100 Ways To Be Happier Right Now is on shelves now.


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